Sunday, April 12, 2015

Medieval Mayhem Kickstarter...a rose by any other name?!

There is a brand new Kickstarter called Medieval Mayhem. Knights fighting zombies. Pretty common stuff until you realize it's King Arthur fighting French Zombies. And there is a wizard. And a bunny. And...and...take look at the figures that have been released and some of the stretch goals. Delivery is scheduled for November 2015. A pledge at the Squire Level for £24 gets you the four characters, the bunny and access to stretch goals. Some Add-ons of additional Knights have been added; they cost £10 for the White Metal miniatures (RRP £13) OR £20 for the Resin miniatures (RRP £25).

Here are some of the pictures of the sculpted figures:
King Arthur
King Arthur's Squire
Sir Bedivere
Sir Bedivere's Squire

No, I have not backed this but I am admiring the figures. and thinking about the gaming of Motny Python Lion Rampant. It's called Medieval Mayhem. And here's a link to one of my previous articles on the subject: Monty Pyhton and the Holy Grail.

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