Thursday, April 23, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 17-23 April 2015

2 Hour Blog AAR: I love LA

All Bones About It  Paints #146...
...and plays Song of Blades & Heroes

Association: Les Riflemen AAR: A River Runs Through

Battlesystems Blog: Terrain & Terminator

Bleaseworld reports on Bernard Cornwell's Last Kingdom BBC show

Buck's Blog Builds the First Store of the Mall

By Orders of the White Queen is back: Defending the Village

Colonel O'Truth's Steam Skull

D6 Generation reviews Star Wars Armada

Dalauppror goes to the Market

Evil Bob paints Cold Dragon of Valhalla...
...and Seal Team Six
Herkybird's Nest Comancheros Skirmishing

It's Them, Blast 'Em paints the Garmilla Battle Tank

Jay's Wargaming Madness French Foreign Legion Skirmishing

Keith's Wargaming/Painting Blog Dogs of War

Kingdome of Hesse Seewald: Regt. von Beck

League of Augsburg writes about 1690 Cavalry Actions

Legatus does wargaming archaeology...
...and follows the theme into Pulp Alley at the Shed

Marengo 1800 Paints Piedmontese

Matt's Gaming Page paints Black Scorpion Dwarf Pirates...
...and Reaper.

Mersey Books plays Men Who Would Be Kings

Minniature Mayhem: Great Northern War

My Ever Growing Armies paints Austrians

Sarcophagi finishes the Bushido Board

Shadowkings AAR: HG Wells at the End of Time...

Sparker's Wargaming Blog Final Practice Run of Waterloo

Talomir Tales Campaign Update

Tides of War Builds Chain Link Fences...
... and Telephone Poles

Trailape's Wargame Reviews Leadbear's Tufts

Wargaming with Silver Whistle playtests Fighting Season

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