Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Human Interface: Nakamura Tower are finely cast figures. Their proportions are scale accurate making for normal size faces and hands. I don't paint with a magnifier. Painting actual scale figures is a challenge after years of painting the "typical" wargaming figures. They definitely require much more blending, washes and even black lining.

Additionally, the imagery from the game has lots of white clothing, probably silks and cottons. White is challenge to paint correctly. I start my white with either a light brown or a light blue, depending on what the white clothing is designed to replicate and whether the figure is supposed to be "warm" or "cold" in its presentation. Typically, that means about five to seven layers applied very thinly to get the white to look like something more than white paint.

Cyberpunk...cold. Cotton fabrics in the modern world...light blue. This collection has me starting my white with Game Colors' Glacier Blue blending up to MSP's Ghost White and on to Vallejo's white and finally highlights of GC's Dead White. Hopefully, when it is complete, it will look good.

As I have progressed, I found the HI:NT fine detail requires black-lining, inking, blending, etcetera. Even the metal has required extra work to make the fine detail visible. I used to paint for money. I don't think painting these would be a money maker. They require serious work beyond what I prefer. In addition, painting them is more like work than I prefer...this is my hobby, after all.

Either way, the nine figures are well under way with Tomo Kosuda closest to completion...I thought it looked good until I enlarged the photograph.  It's OK; but, Tomo needs some clean-up. I've also tried to add texture to the white of Tom's pullover--it looked like a rough cotton and it looked too smooth.

You be the judge...I hope he will look better with some clean-up and a Litko Acrylic base. I'll try to find the time to get them done sooner.

As for the others, they look too rough to post singly: