Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Quetzalcoatl Rampant, Part Two

I Live With Cats continues with the Quetzalcoatl Rampant project. His most recent post has some very nice photographs of the two scenarios run at Enfilade, Craving Corn and I left My Heart. Check them out here.
Craving Corn at Enfilade 2017

I Left My Heart at Enfilade 2017

A Gamer's Tale is a good blog that I overlooked the last time I visited variants for Dan Mersey's Lion Rampant. A Gamer's Tale is involved with I Live With Cats in the Quetzalcoatl Rampant project. In particular he discusses the collection, figures and painting along with a post about the play test for the upcoming Enfilade 2017.

A Gamer's Tale painted up two groups of Huaxtec Warriors by different manufacturers.
The first group is manufactured by Eureka Miniatures.

 and the second is manufactured by The Assault Group

A Gamer's Tale continues the posts with a discussion on painting and on building Aztec and Conquistador forces.

He follows up with a later post in October about the completed Spaniards.

Throughout his discussions, painting and posts there are many images of the Aztec, Conquistador and Tlaxcallan forces. He also has a post on terrain relative to the battles in Mexico.

This is a very good BLOG. Make sure to check out A Gamer's Tale.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Historicon 2016; Pre-Contact North American Tribes; and, Pulp Figures in the Mexican Revolution

I managed to pry a few days away and attended Historicon...partially attended. I was present for the Friday and part of Saturday before reporting for duty in Massachusetts on Sunday.

I was a bad photographer. I did get to play three great games: PBI (Early Russian Front); Song of Drums and Tomahawks (Raid on a Settlement); and, Beneath the Lily Banners (Ireland 1689). Each of the games was well presented and well run. Two games were hosted by the authors.

With my limited shopping time, I did manage to reconnect and pick up some great figures by Bob Murch. I have shamelessly posted his paint jobs. Thank you Bob!

I purchased the two warparties of the pre-Contact Indians:
Go Here to purchase.

The figure line was specifically sculpted for the rules Flint & Feather by Howard Whitehouse and Roderick Robertson. 
Go Here to purchase.

While chatting with Bob, I was also presented with the first four packs of the Mexican Revolution Range. 
Go Here to purchase.

Now, I just need to find the time to clear my current painting projects to work on these new figures and try out the Beta copy of the rules...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

This Week In Wargaming: Best of the Blogs I Follow, 12 to 17 October 2015

I. AAR's & Convention Reviews
Dust, Tears & Dice: Desert Patrol, Starship Troopers
Mars Miniatures: Squat Trek, Episode 1
Palouse Wargames Journal: Battle of Southam 1642, Ironsides
Storm of Steel: First Play of Great War
Tales from GHQ: French Revolution, Black Powder
Tom's Toy Soldiers: Skaven versus Empire, Age of Sigmar
Ubique: Derby wargames Show 2015

II. Battles, Campaigns, Projects, Units & Wars
Gaming with Too Fat Lardies: Arnhem Campaign Turn #4, Chain of Command
Vis Lardica: Pouppeville replayed, I Ain't Been Shot, Mum

III. Miscellaneous, Observations & Travel
Quirkworthy: SciFi Poll
Tales from GHQ: Problems and Solutions for the French Revolution and Black Powder
Wargaming Miscellany: Trip to the USA

IV. Painting & Building
A Conflict of Interest: 15mm Winter Panzer Grenadiers for Chain of Command, Part II
All Bones About It: #174, NOVA Corp Sergeant
Chariot Gamer: Joshua at Jericho
Fawcett Avenue Conscripts: Horus Heresy Rapier
JJ's Wargames: 2/54e Regiment de Ligne
Lonely Gamers: Senegalese Tirailleurs 1914
Miniarons: Moroccan Painting Guide
Natholeon's Empire: Memoir '44 brought to Miniature Tables
News from the Front: Equites Mauri Feroces
Painting Wargames Figures: Piedmontese Generallieutenant Count Aspremont
Palouse Wargaming Journal: French Dismounted Dragoons
Root around the Warchest: Re-purposing Nurglings
Scrivsland: More Blue Berbers
Northstar International Brigade
Shedwars: Crusader Army, Part III
Storm of Steel: Villains of the Galaxy
Ubique: Petard Assault Team
War In a Box: Octopod Command

V. Reviews & Variants
2 Hour Blog: A Plethora of Starfighters
Anatoli's Game Room: Deep Cut Studio's Pitch for Blood Bowl
Breakthrough Assault: Airpower for Team Yankee 
WWI French
Irregular WarsGalleons & Galleys
Lead Legionaries Cornrows
Mersey Books: Compares Dux Bellorum & Lion Rampant
Olicanalad's Games: Review of Wargalley
Quirkworthy: Reviews Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Raft: Battle of Island Number Nine, Galley & Galleons
Shedwars: Reviews Amera Plastic Terrain
Ubique: Chicken Coop by War Bases