Sunday, October 18, 2015

This Week In Wargaming: Best of the Blogs I Follow, 12 to 17 October 2015

I. AAR's & Convention Reviews
Dust, Tears & Dice: Desert Patrol, Starship Troopers
Mars Miniatures: Squat Trek, Episode 1
Palouse Wargames Journal: Battle of Southam 1642, Ironsides
Storm of Steel: First Play of Great War
Tales from GHQ: French Revolution, Black Powder
Tom's Toy Soldiers: Skaven versus Empire, Age of Sigmar
Ubique: Derby wargames Show 2015

II. Battles, Campaigns, Projects, Units & Wars
Gaming with Too Fat Lardies: Arnhem Campaign Turn #4, Chain of Command
Vis Lardica: Pouppeville replayed, I Ain't Been Shot, Mum

III. Miscellaneous, Observations & Travel
Quirkworthy: SciFi Poll
Tales from GHQ: Problems and Solutions for the French Revolution and Black Powder
Wargaming Miscellany: Trip to the USA

IV. Painting & Building
A Conflict of Interest: 15mm Winter Panzer Grenadiers for Chain of Command, Part II
All Bones About It: #174, NOVA Corp Sergeant
Chariot Gamer: Joshua at Jericho
Fawcett Avenue Conscripts: Horus Heresy Rapier
JJ's Wargames: 2/54e Regiment de Ligne
Lonely Gamers: Senegalese Tirailleurs 1914
Miniarons: Moroccan Painting Guide
Natholeon's Empire: Memoir '44 brought to Miniature Tables
News from the Front: Equites Mauri Feroces
Painting Wargames Figures: Piedmontese Generallieutenant Count Aspremont
Palouse Wargaming Journal: French Dismounted Dragoons
Root around the Warchest: Re-purposing Nurglings
Scrivsland: More Blue Berbers
Northstar International Brigade
Shedwars: Crusader Army, Part III
Storm of Steel: Villains of the Galaxy
Ubique: Petard Assault Team
War In a Box: Octopod Command

V. Reviews & Variants
2 Hour Blog: A Plethora of Starfighters
Anatoli's Game Room: Deep Cut Studio's Pitch for Blood Bowl
Breakthrough Assault: Airpower for Team Yankee 
WWI French
Irregular WarsGalleons & Galleys
Lead Legionaries Cornrows
Mersey Books: Compares Dux Bellorum & Lion Rampant
Olicanalad's Games: Review of Wargalley
Quirkworthy: Reviews Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Raft: Battle of Island Number Nine, Galley & Galleons
Shedwars: Reviews Amera Plastic Terrain
Ubique: Chicken Coop by War Bases