Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lion Rampant VII

In a continuation of my fascination with Lion Rampant, I have gathered a bunch of the posts since my last post. There have been six previous postings. The previous six posts have been consolidated on a page: HERE. Or you can go to each of the postings:

I am looking forward to a game. Over the years, I have collected small sets of each with the intent to get back to the Gary Gygax's Chainmail rules, the forerunner and basis for the white box Dungeons and Dragons set. Originally, my gaming group played small skirmishes set during the Hundred Years War; then, like so many other, we supplemented our Tractics, Rally Round the Flag and Chainmail games with some D&D; but out old favorite was always Chainmail.

Lion Rampant has that same excitement level for me. I'm not sure if my first game will be with my Conan, Fantasy, 100 Years War, War of the Roses, Italian Wars or even Trojan Wars sets. Hopefully, I will get a game in soon. In the mean time, I have been adding odds and ends to the various collections.

Dux Rampant First St. Albans
Dux Rampant AAR: Sausages with Mustard
Dux Rampant AAR: Kill the Lich
Variant: Camel Variant
Legatus' Wargames Armies Crusades in Lion Rampant
Matt's Gaming Blog Dragon Wars
Mersey Books Building Fireforge Retinues for Lion Rampant

The Raft El Cid Rampant
Rebel Barracks: Take Control of the Farms
Tom's Toy Soldiers: Capture a Cannon
When the Hurly Burly's Done: Achean Lion Rampant (for Troy)

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