Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lion Rampant AARs from Shed Wars, Dalauppror & Matt's Gaming Page

Lion Rampant written by Daniel Mersey is the newest of the Osprey Publishing set of rules. Mr. Mersey previously published games include Dux Bellorum (Osprey, 2012), Song of Arthur and Merlin (Ganesha Games, 2008), and Glutter of Ravens (Outpost Wargame Services, 1998). Of late, it seems to have taken the wargaming community by storm. BLOG posts, articles and games abound.

Shed Wars is a BLOG I follow. He has been building a table, figures and set for Robin Hood games.

On 27 January, he posted an AAR using Lion Rampant. Here's a sampling of photographs:
Check out the post. Or subscribe to Shed Wars.

Two recent posters about Lion Rampant have been Dalauppror's BLOG and  Matt's Gaming Page BLOG. Dalauppor posted two AAR's set in the early 14th Century: Game One

and Game Two

Matt's Gaming Page BLOG posted a three part AAR:  Part OnePart Two, and Part Three. Here's selection of Matt's work painted and organized for the games:


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    1. My pleasure. I've enjoyed your BLOG. Hopefully, others will join it.