Friday, January 9, 2015

Sulawesi National Army

With permission from John Treadaway:

In the late 290's TW, Malaysian colonists from Terra arrived on Sulewesi. By the turn of the century, having found the planet and its two moons to be rich in iridium, molybdenum and beryllium, the colonists began to build an industry with the objective of to turn Sulewesi into the premier mining system of the sector.

By the early 320's, however, all was not going according to plan on Sulewesi. The early settlers and their families had established a functional hegemony Later arriving colonists pushed for inclusion. When those who held the power seemed less than willing to share, a political movement and subsequent armed conflict broke out.

This is a New Force Link.  The Army is taken from David Drake's story "Night March" in the Hammer's Slammer's Anthology. Use the new South African 15mm vehicle models from Brigade Models." It is also suggested that the Colonial Defence Infantry be used from the Ground Zero Games.

. The Sulawesi can function as a complete force with multiple detachments trained to two levels (Veteran and Trained). It can also be used with its 'historical' allies (or rather employees) the Slammers. See the play sheet. In addition, it can also be used as its own opposition as the Sulwesi Rebels with support from the Zaporoyskiye Brigade or the Brazillian Brigada Independência – the "Smoking Cobras."

Armored Vehicle
Light Transport

Please note: Tony of Brigade Models supplied photos and renders to John Treadaway who provided the official documentation, pdfs, colouring, etc. And me, I'm a huge fan of the genre, figures and the game...

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