Friday, January 23, 2015

Squad Painter's BLOG

Squad Painter's BLOG is one of the many BLOGs I follow. Today, he posted some beautiful shots of the Perry 28mm French Napoleonic Infantry. This is a box (actually several) that I have been wrestling with...not literally. As I get closer to completion of my current paint table project, the Perry French have weighed heavily on my mind as to the best way to paint.

Squad Painter recently posted a basing tutorial. Then he posted his work using the Army Painter System. Take a look at the results. He used the standard Block Paint, Quickshade and highlight with the base color. I've been using this method with my son's Mars Attacks figures. I think I'm going to try it with the La Haye Sainte project...check out the Squad Painter's photos:

And, follow Squad Painter's BLOG.


  1. Mark - Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad that you like my French. The base-Quickshade-highlight does a really nice job on the miniatures. It is tricky to pick out the proper colors sometimes, but once you get it right it all falls into place. I thought that the white would look too muddy, but I was wrong. You just have to cover more than you normally would with the highlight.

    Best of luck with your La Haye Sainte project!

    - Jeff aka SquadPainter

    1. Thanks for the Tip about painting the white!