Sunday, January 18, 2015

Judge Dredd & Rogue Trooper

Mathew Sprange of Mongoose Miniatures issued his yearly State of Mongoose statement. Go Here to read the entire statement. Here's what he had to say about Judge Dredd"

The recent release of Blood on the Streets introduced some brand new forces to the game, including the Judda and Klegg Invasion Force (a personal favourite!) which have also been released. The ABC Warriors will be joining them in the first quarter of next year, followed by the biker gangs (a street gang, apes, zombies and robots, all on bikes!), and a Brit-Cit Justice Department set which will be accompanied with a separate Brit-Cit Judge on bike release.Beyond that, you will also see a Hondo-Cit Judge force, Eldsters and proper Mobster and Zombie Horde sets. There are also a slew of new single miniatures on the way, such as Max Normal (already previewed on Facebook), Dog Vultures, Med and Tek Judges on modified Lawmasters, Troggies, Treasure Steel and oodles more!

A great deal of focus, however, will be put upon the vehicles of Mega-City One. The Manta has just started full production at Warlord and in the first two quarters will be joined by the Pat Wagons (four variants – standard, riot, fire and grav), the Ground Car and the (frankly massive!) Mo-Pad. These, with the four biker gangs, will really get the Judge Dredd miniatures game on the road. And yes, we are looking into ways of providing you with real MC-1 roads for your tabletop! All going well, this will culminate with Death on the Megway, the second supplement for the game, which is slated to be released at the bottom end of 2015. This will include really funky rules for using vehicles at 200+ mph, as well as tying up all the rules for the models released in 2015.

I have a collection of the Gangs of MegaCity One. I also had the Judge Dredd figures before the Kickstarter. Naturally, I was involved in the kicktstart of Judge Dredd and have nothing but extremely pleased by the figures. Much of my collection has been painted by either me or my friend Matt of Glenbrook. Recently, I'm a bit behind on the last few releases but look for the last few items remaining.

Not too much was said about the Rogue Trooper for the common man other than to expect the range to be officially released this year after the Kickstarters receive their armies. Yeah!

Go Mongoose!

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