Saturday, January 10, 2015

Terminator Gaming

This summer, the latest Terminator Movie will hit the theaters. Yes, Arnold will be in the movie. And, yes, I think it looks interesting as they seem to be taking a new angle on the time travel that reboots the series...or does it? You decide.

Concurrent with the release of the movie, Warlord Games has just announced that they will be dsitributing the 28mm miniatures games. The officially licensed product will be written by the well known game designer Alessio Cavatore and produced by his company Riverhorse Games.

I have a large collection of the Leading Edge officially licensed terminator miniatures...looks like they will get some table time. Only bummer is they are 25mm...maybe the game will be produced in 25mm like the Mars Attacks game.

Noble Knight has some of these for sale but the price is steep...maybe I should sell my collection?

Here's a partial list of the line as produced:

Boxed Sets
71100 "Hasta La Vista, Baby"
71101 Endoskeleton Boxed Set
71102 Future Soldiers Boxed Set
71103 Infiltrators
71104 Hunter Killer 

74101 Characters
74102 Human - 40W Plasma Rifle
74103 Human - 40W Plasma Machinegun
74104 Human - 100W Plasma Rifle
74105 Human - 100W Plasma Machinegun
74106 Human - Demo Charges
74107 Human - Nitro Bombs
74108 Human - Bolo Grenades
74109 Human - Heavy Weapons
74201 Endoskeleton - 40W Plasma Rifle
74202 Endoskeleton - Dual Weapons - 40W
74203 Endoskeleton - 100W Plasma Rifle
74204 Endoskeleton - Dual Weapons - 100W
74301 Infiltrators - 40W Plasma Rifle
74302 Infiltrators - 100W Plasma Rifle
74303 Infiltrators - Plasma Shotgun

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