Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lion Rampant AARs from Shed Wars, Dalauppror & Matt's Gaming Page

Lion Rampant written by Daniel Mersey is the newest of the Osprey Publishing set of rules. Mr. Mersey previously published games include Dux Bellorum (Osprey, 2012), Song of Arthur and Merlin (Ganesha Games, 2008), and Glutter of Ravens (Outpost Wargame Services, 1998). Of late, it seems to have taken the wargaming community by storm. BLOG posts, articles and games abound.

Shed Wars is a BLOG I follow. He has been building a table, figures and set for Robin Hood games.

On 27 January, he posted an AAR using Lion Rampant. Here's a sampling of photographs:
Check out the post. Or subscribe to Shed Wars.

Two recent posters about Lion Rampant have been Dalauppror's BLOG and  Matt's Gaming Page BLOG. Dalauppor posted two AAR's set in the early 14th Century: Game One

and Game Two

Matt's Gaming Page BLOG posted a three part AAR:  Part OnePart Two, and Part Three. Here's selection of Matt's work painted and organized for the games:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Gerry Andersen's UFO

Here are some photographs part of a small UFO set based on the TV series by Gerry Andersen. The inspiration and photographs are from Matakishi's Tea House. I have the same having purchased and also matched the painting and basing styles, not to mention terrain...One of these days I need to find a suitable proxy for the UFO. I've fiddled around playing skirmish games but have not really settled on a good scenario. In my "To-Do" is to try to set up a 7TV scenario.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Return of the Overseers

Mann's Model Moments has beaten everyone to the punch with an thoroughly presented unboxing of the new Firestorm Armada box set entitled Return of the Overseers.

The review is very thorough. Pictures of the ships, rule book, scenario book, resin playing pieces art work, ships and stargate. Take a look at some of the pictures:

If Spaceship warfare is your "thing" then go check out this review.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

This Week In Wargaming: New Releases

1st Corp adds Romano British

1st Corp 28mm Zis Truck

Artmaster Studios Give Away as reported by The Wargames Website

AB 20mm Jeeps and Kubelwagens from Eureka

Battlefront add Bridges to their terrain and Command Teams and Artillery to the Israelis and UAR

Black Tree has a Mega Sale on Dr. Who, Fantasy & Historicals

Curteys Miniatures add Arthurians

Brigade Models add more tanks as Reported by The Wargames Website

CP Models add a 20mm Gangsters Line

Deepfront Studios make new Ocean Mats as reported by Beasts of War

New D&D Collector Series from Gale Force Nine

Gringo44's Zombie Hunters as reported by The Wargames Website

Two New Adder Cars plus the big deal on the other version at Ion Age

North Star's Sale has some great deals

15mm Pz38T/ Marder set re-released with corrections Panzer 38(t) from Plastic Soldier Company
1/72 Chenilette 3.7cm PaK from Plastic Soldier Company
1/72 Kettenkrads from Plastic Soldier Company
1/72 Stuarts from Plastic Soldier Company

Bridges & ACW Breastworks from Time Cast

Trench Worx LLC is releasing it's vehicles for general sales.

Two Hour Wargames has Larger Than Life

Unfeasibly Miniatures as reported by The Wargames Wesbsite

Wargames Factory Wodlands Indians as reported by Beasts of War

Biblical Chariot Deals from Warlord
KGL Luneberg Light Bttn. from Warlord
KGL 2nd Bttn. with Muskets & Rifles from Warlord

Manta Prowl Tank from Warlord

Sergeant Steiner from Warlord

Valentine II from Warlord
Waffen SS Cavalry from Warlord