Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 1-4 May 2015

Best of the Blogs....there's easily a week's worth here in just the past four days...enjoy!

1000 Foot General Reaper Bones Trolls

All Bones About It #151

Association-Les Riflemen AAE: 1570 Shadow of the Golden Horde

Baconfat Log Paints a mish-mash

Baron's Blog AAR: Legion in Mexico

Beasts of War follow Vesper-On's Home Raiders...
...review Salute, talks about Home Raiders and play Emergence Event
...hosts the video Wargamer Girl Playing Malifaux
...highlights a painting guide for the Nexu from Star Wars

Buck's Blog ...AAR: GAMER SciFi

...builds terrain Add-Ons

Campaigns of Genreal Augustus Pettygrew
AAR: #73 Pettygrew Wins but Disaster Strikes

Chicago Skirmish Wargames AAR: Big Mechs

D6 Generation reviews X-Com

Dalauppror Crossbowmen with Pavises

Dartfrog's Adventures paints Ashigaru
Der Alte Fritz sets up Kolin

Dog of War paints Desert Shermans

Don't Throw a One has a contest!

Dressing the Lines shows off Gallipoli Diorama

Dust, Tears & Dice paints Song Dynasty Chinese

Dux Rampant Rules for Warrior Monks

Evil Bob Paints WW2 Infantry

Fawcett Avenue Conscripts Landspeeder

Fantorical AAR: Star Wars

Herkybird's Nest AAR: Sails of Glory

Jay's Wargaming Madness General Update

Joy & Forgetfulness AAR: Scrimmage at Border Station

League of Augsburg 1690 Artillery Actions

Legatus goes to Istanbul
...and the Istanbul's Military Museum

Lonely Gamers AAR: A Skirmish on the Veldt

Matt's Gaming Page AAR: Ruckus at Redemore

McPhee's Miniature Men paints Highlanders

Mersey Books AAR: Dragon Rampant

Miniature Mayhem AAR: Donnybrook Reconnaissance

My Ever Growing Armies paints more Austrians
Napoleonic Wargaming Blog AAR: Waterloo Test Battle

One More Gaming Projects AAR: GAMER SciFi

The Raft AAR: Beach Assault

Sapper Joe Part V of Guerillas in the ACW

Scrivsland AAR: Patrolling in No Man's Land...

Shadow Kings AAR: Test Games

Shedwars paints Daleks

Stalker7 Bounty Hunters and more...

Tom's Toy Soldiers AAR: Warhammer Campaign

Up River AAR: Lorraine Campaign

View from the Duck Pond reviews Diceni
Wargamerabbit AAR: Battle of Halle 1806...

The Wargames Website recommends The Oceanmaker

Warlord Video 1 for Terminator 


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