Sunday, May 17, 2015

Victrix as Reported on Beasts of War

Normally, I would wait until Friday (or so) to announce new product. I always accredit my announcements to other BLOGs, VLOGs or places unless I receive information from the manufacturer.

Beasts of War, which is a great site for all sorts of should consider subscribing, I do...has picked up a piece of news from Victrix. The latest is a limited run...I'm going to shout this, LIMITED RUN of Rude Roman Shield Graffiti that would have been daubed on the front of legionaries shields when they were bored in camp and wanted to annoy their enemies. 

Here is the link to the article. Check out these images from Beasts of War.

The product is only available from 17-24 May 2015

Friends and followers know that at times I can pile on the criticism about particularly inappropriate figures, etc. These are, if you remember your Latin. These are, if you don't know Latin but look at the images. I actually think they are quite entertaining, and most likely historical as I seem to recall reading some Roman Grafitti in Chester, or somewhere else many a year ago.  And who can forget the Life of Brian Grafitti Lessons...

If you use the transfers, don't leave the unit out for the kiddies...and maybe someday over a beer, I'll tell you my embarassing story about painting Mycenean skirmishers; or, my buddy's story about painting cavemen and highlighting...yeah, these are cool transfers but be careful with them.

PS All the links run through Beasts of War. If these interest you, please go through the links so they get their due.

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