Thursday, May 21, 2015

This Week in Wargaming: New Releases 15--21 May 2015

15mm Furniture...

Alternative Armies 28mm Oggborg Cyborgs

Angel Barracks 6mm Moneylender Compound
as reported on The Wargames Website

Brigade Models Great War 28mm Belgian Cyclists
Brigade Models 15mm SciFi Infantry painted as PacFed
Brigade Models 15mm & 28mm Moisture Collectors

Bushido Oki Shisa as reported by Beasts of War

Cigar Box Battles announces Across a Deadly Field-War in the West

CP Models 28mm SciFi Operatives

Dadi & Piombi Lords & Servants Scenarios
as reported on TMP

Gamecraft 6mm Brandenburg Gate as reported on TMP

Ganesha Games Fightin' Fungi
Gringo 40's Old Guard Engineering Officer
as reported on The Wargames Website
Ion Age Patrol Angis

Miniature Wargames Waterloo Special 
as reported on The Wargames Website

Northumbrian Painting Service 6mm/10mm/15mm Roads
as reported by The Wargames Website

Oddzial Osmy 3mm WW2 as reported on TMP

Sally 4th Phot Realistic Pub & Pub Interior as reported on TMP

Splintered Light: Some of the New Releases
Late Saxons
Warlord: Sale on Tanks

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