Saturday, February 7, 2015

This Week In Wargaming: New Releases

Sorry about the lateness in this posting. I tried to post last week's TWiW remotely but there were issues. The new releases in the last two weeks were light but I had a few surprises above and beyond the ones  swept up by The Wargames Website...whatever the case, on my return home, I added new ones and here are the releases over the last two weeks...I am re-posting the The Wargames Website stories with the link so they get the credit if you order. Check it out. It's a new site with good people and forums.

Angle Barracks add Barrels, Crates & Boxes as reported by The Wargames Website

Architects of War Trenches

Artizan Midnight Workshop at Brigade Games

Battlefront add the M4/FL-10 to the Arab Isaraeli War Line

Brigade Models 2mm ACW Forts as reported by The Wargames Website

Crusader Miniatures 25mm Rune Lords Adventurers

Curteys Miniatures has a Romano-British Church as reported by The Wargames Website

Painted Escenografica Epsilon 15mm Normandy Buildings as reported by TMP

Ganesha's Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter is in the final days

Good Ground LLC's new Artillery as reported by The Wargames Website

Gringo40's more Neopolitans as reported by The Wargames Website

Ion Age Sneak Peek the Planetary Militia and Give Away the Youxia

Lead Adventure Miniatures has a Steam Punk Deal as reported by TMP

Mantic add new Enforcers

Miniarons 1/72nd 45mm ATG's for the SCW as reported by TMP

Monolith Boardgames LLC Conan Kickstarter is in its final days

Murray Bridge, Tree & Terrain adds Leafy Tufts contact him

Retreat from Moscow Camp Followers & Scavengers from Perry Miniatures

Great War Kickstarter by Plastic Soldier Company

Battlegroup Blitzkreig & Sd.kfz 253 Le Beob from Plastic Soldier Company

Printable Scenery has Maori Pa Designs as reported by Dressing the Lines BLOG

Reaper have new Female Barbarian, Lizardmen & Peryton

Rebel Miniatures Drunken Goblin Guard

Sam Mustafa's Blucher as reported by The Wargames Website

Warfare Miniatures Highlanders

Landesknechts & Soviet Winter Infantry from Warlord

WizKids announce the fourth D&D Boardgame

Yaah! Magazine debuts as reported by TMP

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