Monday, February 23, 2015

Stalker 7, a Cool Blog

Stalker 7 recently popped up on my Radar. Take a look and sign up if its of interest. The BLOG tends to have a weekly CyberPunk clip and lots of gaming stuff.

This clip was one of the more recent ones and is my favorite, so far....and not too far off...

Figures and terrain are great. and worth taking a look

Stalker7 also writes fiction with the current one being "The Grim Fall". This story is set in a generic High Fantasy world that has gone through Ragnarok but there are survivors...the story is currently on Chapter Six.

Stalker7 also uses the rules Pulp Alley playing games set in the Post Apocalypse. There are a number of  AAR's which follow the NK69 storyline set in the megopolis New Hong Kong in 2069.

If you like CyberPunk or Post Apocalypse gaming, or just ant to keep up with the clips on the web, I'd recommend subscribing or following Stalker7.

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