Friday, February 27, 2015

Best of Last Week's BLOGs & Wargames Sites: 20-26 February

All Bones About It paints #138 of Bones I

Anatoli's Game Room reviews The Witcher Adventure Game

Beasts of War reminds us of Acqusitions Inc.'s live D&D at Pax East...tune in, it's quite entertaining.

Beasts of War has Wildwest Exodus week 

Brigade Models BLOG posts Hammer's Slammers AAR in Photos

Buck's BLOG works on Litko Buildings

Campaigns of General Augustus PettigrewChapter 71

Chariot Gamer paints a Mitanni Chariot

D6 Generation reviews Among the Stars

Dalauppror works on Cabo Corso, the Swedish Colonial Wars in Africa 1650-1665

Der Alte Fritz Journal How to Build a Continental Regiment

Dicetower review of Temple of Elemental Evil

Din of Battle plays the SYW

Don't Throw a One posts photos from Cavalier

Dressing the Lines reports on 3D Printed Maori Pa and Buildings

Fawcett Avenue Conscripts go to Legio Con

Gaming with Too Fat Lardies Game 4 Chain of Command Desert Campaign

I Mostly Paint at Night plays Lion Rampant

Matt's Gaming Page paints Afghans, Annamites, Carroballista, Sikhs, WW1 Pilots and more...

Miniature Mayhem plays Russo-Finnish War with Chain of Command

Osprey Publishing consolidates resources for their various miniature rules

The Raft Plays Wandering Star

Shed Wars has photos from Miniature World in Hamburg
and a collection of Photos from Tactica
with the latest on the Volcano project

Super Galactic Dreadnought builds an Amphibious OGRE

Tom's Toys Soldiers plays SCW Chain of Command

View from the Duckpond has a How To Base Figures Video

View from the Duckpond has a painting guide for SCW Regulares

WargameRabbit Lists some of his AAR's

  1. Ancients and Medieval era AAR (COE):  Spartans vs. Persians,  Etruscan State vs. Early Republican Rome,  Battle of Mantineia 362 BC,  North (WR) vs. South (DK) Ancient Indian,  Battle of Granicus 334 BC,  The Batavian Revolt 70 AD,  Megalopolis 331 BC,  Spartan Revolt vs. Macedonians,  Late Spartan Greeks vs. City State Greeks,  Late Hoplite Greeks vs. Achaemenid Persian,  Republican Rome vs. Seleucid
  2. French Revolutionary wars AAR:  Battle of Alexandria 1801,  Battle of Dego 1796,  Lodi 1796 like,  Cosseria 1796,  Battle of Montenotte 1796,  Battle of Voltri 1796,  Battle of Gaza 1799
  3. Imperial Napoleonic era AAR:  Battle of Sacile 1809 revisited,  Battle of Sacile 1809,        Battle of Gilly 1815,  Westphalia vs. Imperial France,  Battle of Teixeira 1808,  Battle of Alcolea 1808,  Battle of Ligny 1815,  France vs. Russia 1812,  Doubles Game Napoleonics,  Battle of Salamanca 1812,
  4. Bob’s Napoleonic AAR:  Multiple Tables Scenario,  French & Allies vs. Russians 1812,Ottomans, Spanish and Bavarians,  French & Danes vs. Austria, England and Russia,  French Allies vs. Grand Alliance,  France vs. Russo-Prussian 1813,  France vs, Russia 1812,  French vs. Russo-Spanish Coalition,  French vs. Prussians 1815, Two Farms,  French & Allies vs. Austrians, Center Hill,  French vs. Russians 1807
  5. 20th Century era AAR:  Roncey Pocket 1944,  String of Pearls,  Barkmann’s Corner,  Re-Assault on Hill 105,  Assault on Hill 105,  D-Day Omaha Beach,  Breaking the San Fratello Line; Sicily 1943

The Wargames Website has a great series on building a 6mm Hougoumont

The Wargames Website has a great series on building a 6mm La Belle Alliance 

The Wargames Website has "Playing Future War Commander/Cold War Commander/Blitzkreige Commander with 3mm" with stunning terrain that is worth a look.


  1. Thanks for the link to Super Galactic Dreadnought, Mark!