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Strange Aeons as presented by Anatoli's Game Room and Middling Wars

Strange Aeons is a miniature skirmish game of Eldritch Horror that has  a dedicated line of figures, markers, rules, and some terrain. Apparently, I missed a Kickstarter for the second edition. Production of the figures is on a short hiatus but due to resume shortly with the rule book due out. It also seems that there is a comic book that shares the name but they are unaffiliated (I believe). Here's a shot of the Comic with a link...but this is really a post about the game.

The Game

Clipped from the pages of Strange Aeons...

The Story
The history you know is only a fraction of the truth. A truth so black and frightening it was decided that for reasons of national security it should be forever hidden from the public…until now. September 1920: President Woodrow Wilson, in failing health following a failed assassination attempt by members of the nefarious Cult of the Black Goat, forms an elite governmental taskforce to address the threat. Its codename is Threshold. Among the first recruits are law enforcement officers, military personnel, scientists, archaeologists, doctors, librarians and regular civilians. All applicants have been thoroughly screened: mentally, physically and spiritually. Agents are given Double Black security clearance and rigorous training in self-defense, firearms, arrest theory and the occult. Within months, newly trained Threshold Agents are placed into society and given assignments, protecting an unknowing humanity from forces so dark, ancient and alien that to comprehend them would surely mean madness…and to fail, absolute destruction…What happens next is uncertain…

Threshold Agents from The First Edition Gallery

Lurkers from the First Edition Gallery


Anatoli's Game Room has a fifty-five posts on the system including some figure images and AARs. Even specializing it into a subset of five posts about 18th Century Cthulu including a downloadable modification to the system.

18th Century modification

Pictures from a Demo Game AAR

Middling Wars BLOG is currently running a multi-part campaign. Check out the first three episodes:

The Details:

Strange Aeons is a skirmish level game for two players. One player takes control of Threshold Agents operatives and the other player are the Lurkers. The system is set up such that Lurkers harken from the works of H.P. Lovecraft but can easily be added to include other monsters, aliens and baddies. Each game is approximately an hour with forces being three to six models per player. The recommended play area is small at 2' x 3' but like any system can be increased. There is a simple campaign system included that allows you to play linked battles with Threshold agents progressing in skills, acquiring equipment or even sinking into the depths of insanity. Lurker forces also evolve. Be warned.

“Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. 

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