Saturday, February 14, 2015

All The Latest from BLOGs I follow:

Here's some of the latest from the BLOGs I follow:

All Bones About just finished his 136th figure of the Reaper Bones Collection

Baron's BLOG has tried Black Powder in the American Civil War:

and playing the Battle for Meridien

Bucks' BLOG plays G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. on the Northwest Frontier

Dalauppor continues his Lion Rampant gaming 
with Game #3
Game #4
Game #5
And two games of Song of Blades & Heroes

Evil Bob is painting Greeks and lots more...

Flintlock & Tomahawk has audio files of French Drum Calls from the 18th Century

Gaming with Two Fat Lardies has a Chain of Command Campaign set in the Desert

It's Them! Blast 'Em! has thoughts, observations, scratchbuilt Starships & 15mm SciFi

Lonely Gamers plays Tel El Kebir

The Nazis find treasure and Opponents in Lost South Pacific Adventures

Matt's Gaming Page has Crooked Dice, Otherworld, AAR's and lots of painted figures.

Middling Wars continues the Strange Aeons Campaign

Natholeon's Wars Fights at the Fords of Bugaroff in the Crimea

Not Just Old School Wargaming continues working on his Waterloo Project

Pendragon Without is working on Dark Age Terrain

Quirkworthy Playtests talks about Riordan the Dwarf in Dungeon Saga

Paint It Pink is scratchbuilding a PanEuro OGRE

The Raft has a series on Women in Military History & Wargaming; the latest post is Female Gladiators

Scrivsland plays Spanish Civil War Chain of Command

Sparker's Wargaming BLOG continues to prepare for Waterloo's 200th Anniversary

Stalker7 has a new Cyber Punk Clip

Spartan Games announces HALO

Tales from GHQ Fights Privy Farm

Tales from the Maelstrom Fights and Ambush in Voidstation

Talomir Tales Isle of Blood

The Miniature Mayhem uses Donnybrook to fight the FIW

Two Marshals Tests Muskets & Tomahawks for La Haye Sainte

WargameRabbit Parades Napoleonic Armies of Bavaria, Germanic 1809 Insurrection, & Westphalia

And a whole lot more...

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