Monday, February 9, 2015


Spartan Games announced today on their BLOG and newsletter that they have executed a License Agreement with Microsoft Corporation to design and produce tabletop miniatures games for HALO®. The first products are expected to be avaialble sometime in 2015.
HALO first appeared in 2001 for the Xbox. It grew into a multitude of games, books, MegaBlocks, Boardgames, CLIX figures, clothing, collectibles, etc. The Spartan Games products will debut with spaceship combat and evolve into ground combat. One imagines the Space Aspect of the game will be using the Firestorm Armada engine. Perhaps PlanetFall will be used for landings and larger combats. My big question is whether we will see some skirmish gaming to replicate the console games?
Here are mock-ups of the two different fleets:

In order to see the press release go here: LINK.

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