Friday, August 7, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 23 July to 7 August 2015

I. AAR's & Convention Reviews
15mm Wargaming For Fun and Sanity: A Fistful of Shenyang, Flying Lead
Brooklyn Wargaming:Pegasus Bridge, I Ain't Been Shot Mum
Battle at Benouville, I Ain't Been Shot Mum
Daluappror: Chain of Command
Raid in Örkened Socken 1678, Pikemen's Lament
Don't Throw a 1: AWI Battle of Church Road, 25 July 1777
Dux Rampant First St. Albans
Gaming with Too Fat Lardies: Test Game of Fighting Season
Herkybird's Nest: Hunting Party
Ion Age: Patrol Angis AAR
Irregular Wars: Galleons & Galleys
Lead Legionaries: Dinosaurs against Nazis
League of Augsberg: Claymore 2015
Mars Miniatures: Planning the Defense of Easthold
Ziggurat of Doom
Miniature Mayhem: Back to Karelia
News from the Front:Germany 1945, Break In or Break Out?--Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich
Occasional Ambush: Snatching Defeat from the Victory, X-Wing
Olicanalad's Games: SYW, The Big Meeting Engagement
One More Gaming Project: Sam Fuson's Birthday Gaming Bash
The Raft: To Catch a Queen, Medieval Sharpe Practice
Rebel Barracks: Lion Rampant
Saxon Dog: Demo game at Claymore, Pike & Shotte
Scrivsland: Flank Attack against the Tommies, Bois des Caures Campaign with Chain of Command
Shadowkings: Oldhammer Day 2015
Sparker's Wargame Blog: Sidi Rezegh
Tiger Ambush
Tides of War: Battle of Brionne, War Hammer
Zombies in Atlanta
Tom's Toy Soldiers: Foraging, Song of Drums and Shakos
Skirmish, Lion Rampant
Wargaming in Sverige: Battle of Mon 1677
Wargaming with Silver Whistle: An Armored Engagement, Chain of Command
Falaise Pocket, Big Chain of Command
Xin's Lair: First Game of Frostgrave

II. Battle Projects, Campaigns & Unit Histories
15mm Wargaming For Fun and Sanity: Of God's & Mortals, Pan vs. Ares, Final Game
Age of Feuilleton: Re-purposes Frostgrave to Al-Qadim
Irish Serb: African Imagination Campaign Conitnues with AAR#17
League of Augsberg: Enniskillen and Derry
Mars Miniatures: Ziggurat of Doom Armies
Mercurius Atticus: 54mm ECW Project
Not Just Old School Wargaming: La Haye Sainte at 1:3
Tiny Tanks 3mm: Sources for Arab Israeli War Scenarios
Wargaming in Sverige: Scanian War Project

III. Miscellaneous, Observations & Travel
Fawcett Avenue Conscripts: Hill 62 Museum, Flanders
Horse and Musket: Wheat's Tigers
It's Them! Blast 'em!: Blasts from the Past
Sparker's Wargame Blog: Cold War Observations & PodCast

IV. Painting & Building
All Bones About It: #164, Nienna, Elf Ranger
Mountain Troll
Anatoli's Game Room: Frostgrave Warband
Buck's Blog: Crooked Dice Dr. Who
Markers for WWII Games
Daluappror: Dal Regiment 1708
Evil Bob: AWI in 15mm
Fanticide Evil Trees
WWII Germans
Herr Brush: Fleece Mat rointed at Walmart Photo
Ilkley Old School: Saxon Hussars
JJ's Wargames: Tutorial on Painting French Line Infantry
Light Bobs and Paint Blobs: Sir Marmaduke Langdale 
Mann's Model Moments: Upgrading Flight Bases
Matt's Gaming Page: Dead Man's Hand Down Under
Natholeon's Empire: Swedes & Russians for the Great Northern War
Northumbrian Wargame: 1870 Imperial Guard
Painting the Lead Pile: Bones repurposed for Frostgrave
French & Indian Drummer
Ice Troll
Last of the Mohicans Characters
Skull and Crown: Galleys, Guns and Glory 
Sparker's Wargames: Scratch Builds a Bergepanther

Squadpainter: GAZ Trucks

Stalker7: Junction Box Bunker

Tales from GHQ: Paints a Band
Tales from Rhanzlistan: Residence at Byklabad
Tom's Toy Soldiers: Frsotgrave Treasure Tokens
Wargaming with Silver Whistle: Painting German WWII Autumn Camouflage

V. Reviews & Variants
Dalauppror: Announces Lion Rampant Variant for Pike & Shotte
Mann's Model Moments: Review: Unboxing Aliens Vs. Predator

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