Thursday, April 9, 2015

More Lion Rampant

Today's post is designed to keep you up to date on Lion Rampant. Since my last post, these have been the vaious updates, posts and variants that I have discovered. I've yet to get a play in; but, I am living vicariously through the posts and groups. In the meantime, I have begun pulling out four different sets for games in the future: 25mm Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age, 25mm Tom Meier/Thunderbolt Mountain High Medievel King Arthur; 15mm Tudor era forces and my 28mm Italian Wars...I've also wondered how it would work for Trojan War, Samurai and Conquistadors. Now I just need to find the time. Ahh, the time...

Arlequin's World ECW Variant

Baron's Blog plays Lion Rampant with Vikings...

Bleaseworld goes 1:72 Plastic for Lion Rampant


Colonel Campbell's Barracks play Lion Rampant

Dalauppror plays two games

Dux Rampant Forum
Boom Shake the Room -- Artillery
Don't Tell Them --Pike!

I live with Cats Late Roman Variant

I Mostly Paint at Night works on Saracens

Natholeon's Empires works on Eagle Rampant, a Roman variant.

Rebel Barracks uses a Castle

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