Saturday, April 18, 2015

ACW Gamer, The eZine

I recently received a free copy of the ACW Gamer. This eZine has been around for almost two years. It is a great magazine for those interested in the American Civil War. The copy was sent to me free. This review is not a paid review; rather, I thought the ACW gamers out there might have missed this e-zine that has been around for almost two years. I was quite happy to get a promo copy as I have had my eye on this for some time.

For $12.00 USD), you are subscribed for one year. Issues come out quarterly.  The next issue is due out 15 July 2015. The editor is currently seeking articles, AAR's and artwork for that and future issues. Subscribe here: ACW Gamer Subscriptions.
The current issue,  has a plethora of information for the Civil War Gamer. The issues weighs in at thirty-nine color pages. Topics include ACW rules; a Painting guide (for the Iron Brigade); a continuation of an article on Confederate clothing; an article about Company D Miniatures; How to Create Custom figures; an article about John Sisson of Company D, the 51st Ohio; and, some information on Clubs, vendors, dioramas and the like.

ACW Gamer also put together a Terrain Special. For $3.50 USD, you receiver 47 pages of terrain making information specific to the American Civil War; but, some of the articles have cross genre uses. You can buy it here.

  • Terrain Makes the Game Easier
  • Building Antietam  
  • Making low cost, durable fields for your ACW gaming table      
  • The Road (More or) Less Traveled     
  • Terrain Tip: Cinnamon Broom
  • How to Make American Civil War Earthworks     
  • Flexible Fields       
  • Easy Cardstock Terrain for Wargamers             
  • “Winterizing” Your Battlefield      

    Back Issues

    Back issues are available for $3.50 USD: Purchase Back Issues.

    • The Gilleland Twin Cannon
    • Tributes to John Hill
    • ACW Gamer goes to Fall-In
    • THE DEVIL TO PAY: Dangerously Exciting Rules for ACW Miniatures
    • THE DEVIL TO PAY: Some thoughts from the designer
    • Campaign May-June 1864 28 Bald Knob: June 20th, 1864
    • Colors of Confederate Clothing
    • A Bad Afternoon along the Orange Turnpike: The Battle for Saunders Field Revisited
    • Workbench: Iron Clads & River Boats Part II

    Issue Five
    • Review: On to Richmond!
    • Scenario: The Battle of Gettysburg, Jackson Hits Home 
    • Hobby: The Wargaming Club at the Top of the World
    • Workbench: Iron Clads & River Boats
    • Scenario: Thoroughfare Gap
    • Review: Cigar Box Battle Gaming Mats
    • Biography: Austin Grout, Corporal, Company C, 6th Vermont Volunteers
    • Rules: Our Brutal Rules
    • Preview: Across A Deadly Field: War in the East

    Issue Four
    • Review: Across A Deadly Field: Regimental Rules For Large Civil War Battles
    • Scenario: A Bad Afternoon along the Orange Turnpike: The Battle for Saunders Field, The Wilderness
    • Hobby: 15mm Gettysburg Dioramas
    • Review: American Uncivil War: Action and Adventure in the American Uncivil War
    • Review: American Uncivil War Miniatures Range
    • Workbench: Sound the Charge! Painting 6mm Cavalry
    • Workbench: Uncase the Colors! Making Your Own ACW Flags 
    • Hobby: The Zouaves at Saunder’s Field: A look at the uniforms of Ayre’s Zouave Brigade
    • Hobby: Command Combat: Civil War 

      Issue Three
      • ACW Gamer Goes to Cold Wars
      • Painting 18mm Union Infantry
      • Making a Civil War Battlefield
      • Rebel Raiders on the High Seas
      • The Troup Hurt House 
      • Battle Report: Return to Castleman’s Ferry, Part 2
      • Building a Civil War Observation Balloon

      • Review: Trident Miniatures’ “Nation Divided” 40mm ACW Range
      • Battle Report: Crossroads at Seven Pines
      • Weapons: Weird Weapons of the Civil War
      • Scenario: The Morning After
      • Battle Report: Return to Castleman’s Ferry, Part 1
      • Review: Infantry Flags, Longstreet’s Corps, Gettysburg 1863

      Issue One
      • A skirmish level scenario for Pohick Church, 1861
      • An interview with Chris Hughes, owner/sculptor of Sash and Saber Castings
      • A unit sketch of the 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
      • Crucible of Valor: an unofficial ACW variant for Warlord Games' Black Powder

      ...But I'm not interested in the American Civil War, you say. There is a new publication: Forging a Nation which covers the Wars in America. The subscription rate is $12.00 for one year. The magazine will be published Quarterly. You can buy this issue here; or, subscribe here.
      • The Making of Eutaw Springs
      • Painting AWI British 13
      • How to Make Forest Floor 21
      • Alamo Soldatos
      • Building a Mesa
      Lastly, for those of you cursing me for hitting your wallets, I have finally succumbed and tagged my budget. Now I just need to sell some more stuff and subscribe to both...and then find someone to game ACW.

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