Friday, April 3, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 27 March to 2 April

Baron's Blog plays GASLIGHT...
Leonardo (GASLIGHT variant)...
and Lion Rampant with Vikings

Beasts of War review PlastCraft Games Corridors
Brooklyn Wargaming reviews Novus Design 15mm City and City Ruins

Buck's Blog plays Star Wars Miniatures...
plays GAMER...
and plays Bear Yourselves Valiantly in Moria

Colonel Campbell's Barracks play Lion Rampant

Dalauppror's Crossbowmen

Din of Battle plays SYW Batt;e for Winter Quarters

Evil Bob paints AWI

I Mostly Paint at Night paints US Marines for Chain of Command

Irregular Wars builds a Xebec

Lightblobs and Paint Blobs paints Theban Hoplites

Matt's Gaming Blog paints FireForge...
Reaper Bones...
South American Wars of Independence...

News from the Front Works on Goths & Romans

The Raft plays the Haitian Revolution with Sharpe Practice

Sarcophagi Makes Glowing Ghosts from Reaper Bones

and adds to the Republicans

Storm of Steel works on Trenches

Stalker7 rallies forces for a campaign

Supergalactic Dreadnought fights Trafalgar

Tom's Toy Soldiers plays more of a Warhammer Campaign

Wargames & Stuff paints Samurai

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