Friday, March 27, 2015

This Week In Wargaming: New Release 20-26 March 2015

1st Corp 28mm British Airborne Howitzer as reported by The Wargames Website
Angel Barracks 6mm Anshan Noodle House as reported on The Wargames Website
and crashed 6mm Pathfinder

Battlefront 15mm Comet Platoon

Brigade Models British Spaceships as reported on The Wargames Website

Bushido 28mm Ito Clan as reported on Beasts of War

Cigar Box Battle All Quiet on the Martian Front Terrain Mats

Clear Horizon 15mm Hades Ghost Team as reported in the Wargames Website

Curteys 28mm Crusader Crossbow & Spearmen as reported in The Wargames Website
Eureka 15mm Catalans for War of Spanish Succession

Fantastic Plastic 1:72 Flash Gordon Rocket Ship as reported on TMP

Great Escpae Games, Pre-Order as reported on TMP

Hasslefree 28mm New Releases

Ion Age 15mm Steornede Battlesuits

Mantic Kickstarts Space Rats (Veermyn) in Deadzone

Miniature Wargames, Issue 384

Pendraken release Elementals & Monster as reported by TMP

Perrys 28mm Fiat 508 and more

Scrivsland paints too many 28mm Spanish Foreign Legion...for sale!

Stronghold Terrain's 28mm Viking Warrior as reported on Beasts of War

Too Fat Lardies Pint Sized Campaigns--Old Hickory

Total Battle Miniatures 6mm 100 Days Terrain as reported on The Wargames Website

Warlord 28mm Concord Strike Team

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