Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cold Wars 2015

I attended Cold Wars. and had a great time. It was good to get together with my friends, chat, hang out, eat and play games. I was bad photographer and got no pictures worth showing...my friend's BLOG has some nice shots of his games which incidentally, I played two...

Games-wise, I did well. I played six games. My count should have been nine but winter and good times intervened.

The Winter storm caused quite a bit of disruption. Thursday I missed my ACW game as driving back from dinner caused me to miss the start time. That was fine as a bunch of us sat in the bar and chatted into the evening. I was also supposed to play a pick-up WWII skirmish game but my buddy the GM was delayed.

Friday morning, I played a Pulp variant of X-Wing that saw Nazis on Pterodactyls fighting Americans on Giant Eagles and Brits on Griffons.
Picture from Buck Surdu's BLOG.
Friday mid-day, I played a GASLIGHT
The scenario was set in the Northwest Frontier.
Picture from Buck Surdu's BLOG.
That evening, I played a Dr. Who Miniatures Game where I fought the Weeping Angels.

Saturday Morning, I played Muskets & Tomahawks.
The scenario was a winter raid by Indians on a village during King Phillip's War. My lunchtime game was a no-show due to weather that was supposed to use Ronin
to play Conan. That afternoon and evening my buddies and I played two games of Wiz War.

Sunday was tough. Daylight Savings time makes the morning hard. I also had to get back earlier than normal so I missed my Sunday morning HAWKS game...while usually a Schlegal's Ferry, dungeon crawl or the like, it was to be a Chariot Race. I love Chariot races.

Purchases, you ask? Not much. I picked up some Skraelings for use as Skraelings, Indian trips in the 16th and 17th Century and possible use as Picts for my ever-so-slowly growing Conan collection. I also purchased some Mycenean and Trojan spearmen. I was blocked in an attempt to purchase a book or two as the titles were missing. I passed on a the flea market not-so-well painted Foundry Trojan War figures as the price was close to the lead cost and I didn't feel like stripping and finding weapons when I could pay a few pennies more for the fresh figures. I also did not find the "right" figures I wanted for my mounted Patrols for 17th Century New England...then again, I spent most of my shopping time gaming or talking with friends. Leaving early also crimped my shopping time.  Lastly, I failed in an attempt to find any Trent figures to inspect. I was very successful in resisting the Shiny impulse purchase. All in all, it was a good Convention.

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Keep checking back. I'll add more as I find them.

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