Thursday, March 26, 2015

Best of the Blogs I follow: 20-26 March 2015

All Bones About It paints Crystals
#142 & #143 Tavern Keeper and Bar Maid,

Bleaseworld goes 1:72 Plastic for Lion Rampant

Brooklyn Wargaming plays East of Butera 1943 with I Ain't Been Shot Mum...
...plays Gela 1943 with I Ain't Been Shot Mum

Daluppror 28mm Horse Carts

Don't Throw a 1 plays Crimean War, Kadikioi 1855

Ion Age Paints Planetary Militia

Keith's Wargaming/Painting Blog works on Greek Mythology & Warhammer Quest

League of Augsberg shocases Peter Allport's Williamite 15mm Army

Legatus discusses gaming, painting, life, port, travel, etc.

Matt's Gaming Page plays Open Combat...
and paints Abysinnian Adventures...
 and Pirates...
War of the Roses, and more...

Miniature Mayhem plays French & Indian with Donnybrook

Miros Games Paints Across the Dead Earth

My Ever Growing Armies plays French vs. Austro-British

Natholeon's Empires continues working on Eagle Rampant

The Occasional Ambush plays The Crucible: Hammer's Slammers-- When Armor is Not enough AAR
...plays The Crucible: Hammer's Slammers--The Aftermath AAR

Olicanalad plays Actium 31 BC

Sapper Joe's Wargaming Toys reviews The Department...

and writes about ACW Guerillas

Scrivsland plays Chain of Command in the Trenches... on Spanish Civil War...
and WW1...

Shadow King plays Empire of the Petal Throne

Shed Wars finishes the Volcano

Sparker's Wargaming Blog plays 1815 Prussians

Storm of Steel build PSC Marders

Tom's Toy Soldiers plays a Warhammer Campaign

Up River plays Fate of a Nation

The Wargames Website has an Egyptian Chariot Wars AAR

The Wargames Website posts Piers Brand's Oldhammer Painting Project

With Pyjamas through a Whiff of Grapeshot's Dutch Courage -- 100 Days

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