Saturday, March 14, 2015

Best of Last Two Week's BLOGs & Wargames Sites: 27 February to 13 March

15mm Wargaming for Fun and Sanity playtests Song of Spear & Shield

All Bones About It paints #139, 140 & Crystal Golem

Baconfat Log paints Rob Lowe Survivors

Beasts of War VLOGs about building a Dropzone Commander Table

Bleaseworld reports on Battlefront's Upcoming Brown Water Navy

Campaigns in Germania has Hastenbeck Photos

Cigarbox Battle talks about the SYW Convention

D6 Generation focuses on Spartan and Halo
Dalauppror plays The Men Who Would Be Kings

Dressing the Lines Prints out a Maori Pa

Gaming with Too Fat Lardies plays the finale of Desert War Chain of Command

Light Bobs and Paint Blobs plays Romans versus Britons

Maiwand Day builds a river and plays in WW2 MegaGame

Matt's Gaming BLOG paints more Fantasy

Miniature Mayhem Plays DonnyBrook in the F&I
and Chain of Command Finns versus Soviets

Much do About Nothing continues the Arras 1940 Chain of Command Campaign

Paint it Pink Plays Cthulu Wars

The Raft starts a Sharpe Practice Campaign during the Haitian Revolution

Scrivsland tells the other side of the SCW story and Plays the game with Big Chain of Command, COC at the Company Level.

Shed Wars works on Muslim Armies for and has PDFs of Flags
and plays Muskets and Tomahawks Battle for Hatchet Creek

Stalker7 builds Bunkers
and plays games

Super Galactic Dreadnought plays Galactic Knights

Tales from the Maelstrom plays Rogue Trader

Talomir Tales contnues the Campaign

Tiny Tanks 3mm plays Red Counterattack

Wargames & Stuff plays Bushido plays Sails of Glory

Warlord Games updates on Terminator

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