Monday, March 23, 2015

Retro Sci Fi

In the process of surfing around the web and Blogs, etc., I found this Retro SciFi clip.  I stored it as a Blog entry to include. Somewhere along the way, I erroneously deleted the ideas and thoughts...though, I did want to share video...

"Over the Moon" is based on the "Dr. Connie Radar PhD" comic strip. The video is about Dr. Radar attempting to stop the moon landing by American astronauts. Dr. Radar landed on the moon in 1957. Here's the video:

If this sparks some interest, "off the top of my head" I know that Blue Moon Manufacturing's Aliens & Spacemen is a good start
and these
Human Spacemen
Hydra Miniatures have the Retro Raygun line of figures...
There are three factions and some assorted Space Aliens. The factions are Rocketeers, Robot Legion and Valkeeri. Here's a sampling:

Robot Legion
Cosmic Stranger of Space Aliens
Valkeeri Rocket Sleds

You should also take a look at the Hydra Miniatures Gallery for painting ideas.

Killer B Miniatures also have a GAFDOZ line. Take a look at some of these:

Crux Crator of Star Patrol

Lost Legion

And tune in next time to see if Dick Garrison escapes the Rattrap to find Parroom Station in his War Rocket and continues his Adventures Across the Universe!


  1. Cheers, Mark! Oh dear, these figures leave me in a right old quandary! Do I start a lovely new retro-spaceman project (I'd love to!) or do I keep my wallet tightly closed and just continue painting-up my existing lead mountain! Thanks for all the info above! Squibzy

    1. Like any good Retro (or Pulp) SciFi there's more coming...Resistance is futile. I still have to write sequels which will include information on Dick Garrison, Brigade Games, Rattrap Productions, Parroom Station and War Rocket. Tune in Next time...