Thursday, April 16, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 10-16 April 2015

All Bones About It #145

Anatoli's Game Room reviews Robinson Crusoe

Baron's Blog Medieval Campaign

Beasts of War reports on Frostgrave...

Bleaseworld paints Dwarven Bear Cavalry

Blood Sand and Empire starts a VLOG

Chicago Skirmish Gamers play a game an unfortunately named game by and unfortunately named gaming group with an unfortunately named blog at's probably the worst name ever for a game or a gaming group, or their own blog (I don't mean CSG)...I enjoy juvenile humor but really?!

Cigar box Box Battle reports on the SYW Convention

Colonel O'Truth building Steam Driven War Tomataa Tutorial

Dalauppror has a Lion Rampant Participation Game at Salute

Dartfrog's Adventures in 6mm paint 28mm Samurai

Der Alte Fritz sets up Mollwitz

Devon Wargames Group played ACW Shepardstown 1862

Flames of War previews Brown Water Navy

...posts Palo Alto OOB's

Herr Brush repaints the 4Ground Utility cart

Keith's Wargamer/Painter Blog paints Bones

Legatus plays Bug Hunt at the Shed

League of Augsberg repurposes surplus troops

Mars-Miniatures Expedition to reclaim Moria...
...and Dark Elves

Matt's Gaming Blog Paints Bones...
...and plays 7TV

Mersey Books announces Dragon Rampant

Not Just Old School War Gaming 28mm Waterloo Artillery at 1:3

Outpost Zero hosts a painting tutorial on Armada Star Wars...
...and plays Armada Star Wars

The Raft Takes a Plantation in Haiti with Sharpe Practice

Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine Makes 28mm Paper-mache SciFi Buildings

Sarcophagi builds a Bushido Board

Shedwars works on VBCW Posties...
...and hunts Bugs!

Stalker7 fights in the ruins

Tales from GHQ Battle of Byklabad Ridge

Tides of War paints 28mm Sidewalks...
...Building #36 for his 28mm Zombie Collection

Too Fat Lardies Joint Venture

View of the Duckpond works out Stritctarn Camo

Vis Lardica plays Operation Compass with I Ain't Been Shot Mum

Warlord Talks about introduces Akkadians... rules for Oz Judges in Judge Dredd...

With pajamas through whiff of Grapeshot 28mm Dutch Light Infantry...

WWPD plays Chain of Command

Xin's Lair plays D&D


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