Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Colonialism Gaming BLOG Highlight: By Order of the White Queen

is a great Blog that seems to have gone quiet. The last post was 18 October 2014. I am hoping that the Blog is merely sleeping; or, perhaps it's generating a grand new series of posts. Perhaps if people started clicking on the Blog and harvesting some of the information, it would arise and begin again...have a look here: By Orders of the Great White Queen

In the mean time, I have delved into its resourses and posted the following images with links to some of the topics I found interesting:

Trial Tutorial on Army Painter with Comparison

Rorke's Drift 1879

And as a kicker, the Blog had started constructing a list of Colonial Wargaming Blogs and sites...perhaps I need to add to the list and keep try to keep it current.

Colonial Wargaming BLOGs & Sites from "By Orders of the Great White Queen"

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  1. Yes. I'd noticed it had gone quiet too. It's a really good blog.