Friday, April 10, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 3-9 April 2015

All Bones About It paints Gauntfield Necropolis Hero

Brooklyn Wargaming plays Zombiecide Season 2: Prison Outbreak

Buck's Blog Played Imperial Assault...

Chicago Skirmish Gamers play Mech Attacks

Colonel O'Truth's Miniature Issues builds a boat

Cornflower Blue & Corduroy post about Armored Trains

Dalauppror plays Lion Rampant

Don't Throw a One is setting up a Blogger Meetup at Salute

Dux Rampant posts Battle of Neville's Cross for Lion Rampant

Evil Bob paints Valhallan Guard

Fantorical plays Judge Dredd versus Blake 7...
and Jesus and Hellbaby versus Exploding Nazi Zombies

Horse and Musket play Fire and Manuever ACW

Kropotkin's Page AAR of Asgard versus Hyperboreans

Lace Wars in Tin plays Maurice in 40mm

Last Stand Dan McPherson's Ridge AAR

Light Bobs and Paint Blobs paints War of the Roses

Lonely Gamers paints Eureka Market Stalls...
and plays three games of the Sudan...
and one ACW, The Wheatfield

Maiwand Day makes an appeal to help Larry Brom

Matt's Gaming Page paints Dreadball...
28mm Judge Dredd...
6mm Macedonian Phalanxes...

Miniature Mayhem plays French & Indian War

Miros' Games Across the Dead Earth Brotherhood

My Ever growing Armies adds British

Rebel Barracks uses a Castles in Lion Rampant

Scrivsland plays  Maurice in the Old School Fashion...
Spanish Civil War Chain of Command
and WWI Chain of Command

Supergalactic Dreadnought reports on OGRE Expansion

Tales from GHQ De Whytts Gamble

Tom's Toy Soldiers plays Warhammer

Too Much Lead plays Agincourt with Hail Caeser

Ubique makes Medieval Houses from Paper

Xavier at War plays Company Command

Warlord Games introduces Sumerians

With Pyjamas through a Whiff of Grapeshot 28mm Dutch Heavy Cavalry

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