Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lion Rampant #5: Recent posts, Salute Games, and a new page...

Lion Rampant has appeared in my Blog in substantial and ever increasing amounts since its first mention in the New Releases. Then, it started creeping into the Blogs. To date, I have collected and posted four Lion Rampant collections of Blogs. Recently, I even opened a page on this Blog to collect the myriad of After Action Reports ("AAR"), contingents, images, terrain and variants.

Now, I am posting for the fifth time...but first, here is the list of the previous Lion Rampant posts:
Lion Rampant #1

Scroll down the Blog and you will see the pages under construction. If you do not like looking at a project under construction, then give me some time. If you want to provide input, links, art, then, please do. In the meantime, I will continue to fill the page with pictures links, etc.

So now that you are up to speed, here's another collection of Lion Rampant posts:

Baron's Blog plays Lion Rampant in Dark Ages

Dalauppror had a Lion Rampant Stockholm 1392 

"Philippa of England, Queen of the North - Warrior queen of Kalmar"

Dux Rampant posts an AAR: Battle of Neville's Cross for Lion Rampant...

...a campaign...mixed Armor Ratings...MultiPlayer Scenarios...

Miniature Wargames

Skirmishing on the Isle of Wight, will have to buy this oneto get the scenario.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

News from the Front plays Dux Rampant 
(Lion Rampant in the Dark Ages)

An one last note, if any of these interest you please subscribe to the Blogs linked. These are the folks playing the games, painting the figures, doing the work and publishing their Blogs. Until next time...

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