Friday, April 24, 2015

This Week In Wargaming: New Releases 18-24 April 2015

4Ground's New Church as reported by Beasts of War

Angel Barracks Junker Cavalry as reported by The Wargames Website

Bad Squiddo Games as reported by The Wargames Website

Black Water Gulch Free Rules Download

Cigar Box Battle 15mm La Haye Sainte Battlemap

Crooked Dice Argonauts as reported on Beasts of War

Eslo Terrain as reported by TMP

Fantasy Flight Imperial Assault Expansions: Assassins, Stormtroopers & Wookies
 as reported by Beasts of War

Fantasy Flight X-Wing Expansions as reported by Beasts of War

Foxhole Terrain Ruined Corners as reported on TMP

GHQ Sale as reported by TMP

Good Ground 10mm Iron Brigade as reported on TMP
Great Escape Games Free Doc Amos figure at Salute
as reported by The Wargames Website

Hydra releases Retro Raygun

Ken Trotman Books: Hanoverian Army of the Seven Year's War

Legio Heroica 15mm Imperial Army for Siege of Vienna
as reported by TMP

Miniature Building Authority open Kickstarter projects for General Release

Minifigs 10mm SdKfz 251/20 "Uhu" as reported by TMP

Perry Miniatures Plump of Horsemen Deal
Plastic Soldier Company New Releases

Ramshackle Games 20mm Bikers as reported by Beasts of War

Sally 4th Photo Ready Shops as reported on TMP

Spartan Games preorders for Halo: Fleet Battles

Timecast 6mm Normandy Buildings as reported by TMP

Too Fat Lardies Terrain Joint Venture

Two Hour Wargames 5150 Platoon Leader...
All Things Zombie Reloaded
Heroes of the Coloseum

Wargames Illustrated free Box of Warlord Figures with a Subscription...
...and a free figure if you subscibe at Salute

Warlord 28mm German Grenadiers
28mm Ordnance Battery...

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