Friday, April 17, 2015

This Week in Wargaming: New Releases 11-17 April 2015

ACW Gamer #7

Corsec Engineering has templates for games like Armada Star Wars as reported on TMP

Dark Fable adds new Egyptian sets as reported by TMP

Darkest Star 15mm Hippogriff Aerodynes as reported by The Wargames Website

Dice Bag Lady posted on The Wargames Website opens an Emporium for realistic Female Miniatures

EMP Games Harvester Slugs and Vicious Slugs as reported on TMP
Harvester, approx. 100mm in length
Vicious Slugs, approx. 30-35mm in length

Gamer's Grass Tufts as reported at The Wargames Website

Gringo 40's 28mm Mamelukes as reported by The Wargames Website

Gripping Beast new releases for Salute

League of Augsberg offering 10% Pre-Salute Discount

Miniarons 1:56 M-1 Armored Car

Miniature Wargames #385

Oddzial Osmy 1:600th new releases as reported on The Wargames Website

Stan Johansen selling Painted 28mm Pulp
and many more sets and singles

To the Strongest PreOrders for Print Copies as reported on TMP

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 100 Years War Theme

Wargaming with Silverwhistle is selling his Pacific Collection

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