Friday, April 3, 2015

This Week in Wargaming: New Releases 27 March to 2 April 2015 15% Off on orders until 1 May 2015

Bacchus 6mm WW1 for 1915 as reported on The Miniatures Page

Brigade Models 6mm Desert Buildings as reported on The Wargames Website

Cigar Box Battle Map for Waterloo--Scaled for Blucher at 1":100yards

CP Models 28mm Phibians as reported on The Wargames Website

Crooked Dice new releases

28mm Saracen as reported on TMP

Ion Age free figure with orders

Malifaux 28mm War Rabbit as reported by the Beasts of War
...cut those Gremlins off and you've got a rabbit with really big teeth it now, though, as it is limited edition.

Sally 4th Fantasy Football Templates as reported on TMP

Warlord 28mm Bridge...
Pre-Orders for Devil's Playground...
Landsknecht Regiment Deals Advancing & Standing

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