Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week Three of 2011

Snow, snow, more snow and family stuff, etc., kept the gaming and game related stuff way down. I think I must have shoveled about six or eight hours this week. I think this week's accumulation was over two feet. The upper driveway is now closed as there is nowhere to put the snow...and we are supposed to get another foot. Good thing I like to shovel. I did manage to play two great games of Memoir '44 online. I also painted but as I continue on my assembly line production, nothing was finished. Lastly, family stuff intervened and I missed the Friday night game.

Card and Boardgames Played:
I managed to fit in two games of Memoir '44 online. The beauty of the online games are you can start and finish a game in about twenty minutes. The games I played were Russian Front winter (of course) and Desert War in Tunisia.

I chatted with a buddy about snow terrain. That got me thinking that I really need more of this...but when to find the time.

French Revolution: I worked with Magister Militum concerning limbers for the various combatant lines. We also discussed options for various holes in the lines (mostly cavalry). Hopefully, this means the missing items are definitely going into production. Mostly the discussion was about limbers, etc., although Gendarmes for the Republic may also see the light of day...
Post-Apoc: I listened to some podcasts on the new release of Gamma World and thought some of the best way to utilize this in my collection and playing. I also spent a few minutes in my bits box thinking about the possibilities of gaming this system.
South American Wars of Liberation: I fiddled around with a basing scheme for the mountain guns. Now I just need the last few guns to arrive from Warmodeling.

Painting and Painters:
My daughter has been learning some interesting tricks on Youtube about painting. Not one to ignore a good thing, I searched for historical miniatures painting. The three best (for me) were the World War Two painting guides for some vehicles:
These are worth a watch if you paint vehicles. I actually tried out the pencil trick and it works remarkably well.

Wizards of the Coast has a podcast on D&D that is interesting to listen to while shoveling. The topics vary from product releases, to philosophies for their various products through actual play sessions.

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