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Week 2 of 2011

Ragers consuming Shamblers...I read about this in the Two Hour Wargame trilogy of Zombie rules and it made sense. Before the Zombie-apocalpyse, you had the Voodoo Zombie.
Then, the viral zombie and the Zombie-pocalpyse created the Shamblers. Then came bloaters. And finally Sprinters or more commonly Ragers.
Thankfully, the Twilight syndrome has not struck Zombies yet or we would have smilers?!? Or perhaps Lovers?!?
Nasty...but I am sure it's coming.
Anyway, in THW's rationale the ragers are an outgrowth of the Government attempt to cure the Zombie infection. One thing that always struck me was why don't Ragers attack other Zeds. Well, they do in THW world. It makes perfect sense to me. The THW Zombie world makes sense as long as you are willing to suspend the disbelief and allow for the zombie of the virus.
ATZ, I Zombie and Haven ( are the best Zombie-pocalypse rules and campaign system out there. Even if you are not a fan of the rules system, the campaign generation materials alone are worth serious consideration. You may recall that I enjoy the Flying Frog game Last Night on Earth. That is a fantastic game for playing a one-off zombie game. Each of the characters is archetype from the movies. Each scenario is from a movie. The cards are events and tropes from the stories. But a campaign it is not.
ATZ is much much more. If you want to play out the apocalypse from Day One as yourself? It's in there. Want to play from the perspective of another person, criminal or law enforcement/military? It's in there. Want to play from Day One, Day 28 or Day 100+? Want to play with your buddies? Or solo? Want to play realistic or cinematic? It's ALL in there. I would buy this for my library of rules. I would buy it to play. Even if you are in the mode of trimming down and not buying to collect, I think this one is a good one.
As for the future for THW from Ed Texeira:
"...Stalingrad is coming out this weekend, then a Soccer game, Musket and Mohawks (Black Powder skirmish) FNG 2nd Tour [Vietnam], Korea supplement for Nuts [Yay!] then a [C]hariot [R]acing game. They should all be May. After that there's After the Horsemen [Horror] and 5150 Book Two [SciFi]..."
The demise of Wargames Factory and my information...I had been corresponding with Howard Whitehouse, a friend and a direct figure in Wargames Factory and was going to put a warning out to any of you considering purchases to be careful. It seems the situation bubbled up to the fore on TMP, so I deleted my section and give you the link: My opinion: If you are going to buy, buy it only if you can put your hands on it. If you need to order it, do so at your own risk. If you know Tony and Howard, then don't buy as they are not getting the proceeds. Buy American. Buy British. Buy European, Canadian, Aussie, etc. Don't buy PRC...but that gets into politics...
Another "Be careful", I am sounding negative. It has come to my attention that the old FOW Early War are great. Then there was a reissue that was junky. And now FOW did the right thing and pulled the junk and reworked it. If you are not buying direct from FOW or a FLGS, watch out when ordering Early War Brits as there are some of the junky ones around. I did a little research on the web and found this blog which covers it better than I could. (
Ganesha Games just came out with a Company level ACW game that sound's great. For those of you who play Brother Against Brother level ACW, I would seriously consider these sight unseen. The suite of Ganesha Games are great! Each of their rules is packed with period flavor and imminent playability. They are great games for conventions, first-timers and jaded veterans. I have a few of their publications and find them to be some of the better rules out there. It is an easy game to learn but has much nuance and supports proper tactics. Of late, I have played their rules for French Revolution (Song of Drums and Shakoes), Post Apocalypse (Armageddon Hour), SciFant Apocalyptic--think Thundarr the Barbarian (Mutants and Death Ray Guns) and Cowboys (Flying Lead). I have plans to play some Arthurian Legends (Song of Arthur and Merlin), Deadlands (Fear and Faith), 40K (Fear and Faith), Conan the Barbarian (Song of Blades and Heroes) and Hard SciFi (Flying Lead). Forums cover all sorts of variants of these rules allowing for allowing all gaming periods to be represented. And if you want to play Scooby Do, Lost Boys, Buffy or even Twlight for that matter, look no further than the latest expansion to Fear & Faith: Kookie Teenage Monster Hunters...and yes you even can play out that weird episode from Buffy where they all sang and danced.
Card and Boardgames Played:
One game of Memoir '44 online.

Miniature Games:
Igor trained out from NYC and we played a Deadlands game. The rules we used were Fear and Faith; but, really they were Flying Lead as we played a straight cowboy game of Mountain Scouts against Black River. The fight was over a Medicine Wagon stranded at the local Pony Express Station somewhere in the Southwest. We intend to later add the supernatural into the game to allow for a true Deadlands type game.

Barry Scarlett sent me photos of a 15mm Boot Hill that is being sent to me. Fantastic!

American Civil War.
Carlist Wars:
Doctor Who:
Fantasy/Dungeon Crawls:
French & Indian War:
French Revolution:
Lace Wars:
Pony Wars:
South American Wars of Liberation: Gathering additional flag information for the Flag Dude and the Cold Wars scenario. Started in on the hill sections.
Seminole War:
Science Fiction/40K/Rogue Trader (not the RPG):
Spanish Civil War:
Trojan War:
War in Pacific (1879):
Wildland Firefighting:
World War One:
World War Two:

Painting and Painters:
Igor dropped off some 28mm civilians, Epic 40K Eldar and Ork vehicles and the last of my Eldar BFG fleet. The photos from my phone did not do them justice. Great Work!
I had taken advantage of John Leahy's Christmas offer of the 15mm Blue Moon SciFi units. The figures arrived and are nice. He charges $1.60 per figure and that includes the figures and basing. The work is crisp, clean and nice. The basing is good but a bit rushed. All in all it's good value but not as good as Stan's. Evil Bob's, Igor's, Dave's or BattleDress work. But better than the Sri Lankan and Thai work I have had in the past. All in all, it felt good to mark off a few more units from Princess Ryan's Space Marines completed enough to play with. They did not move up to the wargaming room as there is a bit of work I would like to do on some of them to make them really pop--a bit of ink here and there or a touch of detail. If you want to field it fast and cheaply, it's recommended. I will probably use his service once in awhile.
I have some Space Bugs and Rednecks almost ready to go. They need a touch of ink and base work. Right now, they are completely playable at a nice wargames standard, but they need a little extra something.

I did not finish the Wargames Illustrated as I got drawn into The Road by Cormac McCarthy and the Simon Scarrow series on the week, I will finish the review of the January issue.

BLOGS: for a discussion of the FOW Early War.

The D6 Generation has a review of Dystopian Wars from a few weeks ago. This week's was all about the 40K roleplaying game Death Wing. Both are worth listening to for information on these games.

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