Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week One of 2011

Happy New Year!

I found a reference to some history song parodies on TMP. Curious and looking for something entertaining, I searched the youtube and found a bunch. I have attached a few links to the ones I listened to:
and many, many more... Listen at your own may warp the songs for you, forever. Isabel has been into these and listens to various ones each night.
The first week in 2011 saw four games of miniatures. All of them either boardgames based on miniatures or miniatures based on a board games. All of them were excellent. All of the were fast playing and fun.
The first two games were Last Night on Earth ( This is a miniature game masquerading as a board game. If you enjoy the Zombie Apocalypse concept at all, this game is a Must-Have. The game is designed for up to four players split between survivors and zombies. Although best played as a three player game, the two- and four-player versions are excellent. Survivor players have all sorts of strengths and weaknesses. There are event and object cards galore. The Zombie player(s) also have a host of nasty event cards they can play on the survivors. All in all a great game.
The third game was a battle game based on George R. R. Martin's Fire and Ice Fantasy series and it utilizes the same system as Battle Lore and Memoir '44. The books are supposed to be quite good although I have not. I had bought the game as it is is the "new" Battle Lore and I wanted to play it. Essentially, the armies are High Medieval. As for the game play, it was quite good. I plan to use it with my medieval forces after I play through the scenarios and thoroughly learn the system.
The fourth game was the classic Avalon Hill game of SquadLeader on a table with 15mm figures. It was a fantastic game before they ruined it with Advanced Squad Leader and some cagey marketing tricks. As for the game we played, it was quite good. I was surprised how much came back. Read more on this later.
Card and Boardgames Played:

Miniature Games:
On the First we played a game of Last Night on Earth. The Heroes easily attained the goal of killing 15 zombies; but, as the night wore on, they found it somewhat harrowing as they fought to survive. Father Joseph went off to Garage and Junkyard, both over confident and sure there was "something" important was there. As the battle of the Garage ground on, he was killed. Billy the Track Star showed up and the the heroes retreated to the Diner. The Diner defense became difficult when the power went out. In the end, though, the heroes survived to fight another day. This game really is a miniature game boxed with figures, maps and cards. The box and its expansions are sold by Flying Frog Enterprises ( The game is quite good. I think I may have figured out how to easily convert it to the tabletop.
On the Second we played another game of Last Night on Earth. The scenario was called "Burn Them Out" which has the Survivors going on assault in an effort to neutralize the spawning points. Spencer had a tough game of it as I managed to close out some buildings with blackouts and take-overs ( a card which simulates a building literally crawling with undead). We played advanced rules which allowed for new heroes to come on board as others died. The catch is that heroes can be turned into a nastier form of zombie if you have the right timing or the right card. The zombies managed to eat most of the heroes; but in the end, the last four gathered up enough gas and dynamite and blasted or burned the spawn points into smithereens. It was a nail-biter for both sides right until the end.
On the Fourth, my buddy Ray decided to come out and visit for the afternoon on a last minute whim. We hoped to play some games. I quickly shelved my day's projects and we hung out and caught up. Unfortunately, Life intervened on the down-side. Ray and I were able to hang out as we shuffled here and there. In the process of the day, I noticed noticed Ray looking at the Battles of Westeros ( that I had set up. I was in the process of learning the rules. Later in the evening, Ray and I were able to sit down to play the starter scenario and had a good time. The game is quite good. I think I may have figured out how to easily convert it to the tabletop. This scenarios has an infantry force holding a river crossing against a large force of cavalry and infantry. The defender does have a relief force on its way, so the attacker must proceed with haste and aggressiveness. Our battle was hard fought and ended a draw on turn five (per the scenario). I am not sure how it would have ended if the scenario did not end at five; but, the game was enjoyed by both parties. I hope that Fantasy Flight (who bought the Fantasy version, Battle Lore, will re-print as I would like to try the system with a variety of fantasy races.
On the Seventh, Mike's crew met again on Friday. I trekked through the Ice. How could I not, Jimmie was traveling all the way from Queens for the game and I was half the distance. When I got there we sat down and played a circa 1942 Eastern Front meeting engagement of Squad Leader (not Advanced Squad leader) with 15mm figures and four inch terrain hexagons. I got command of a five T-26's, five BT-7's and some Tanko Desanti (Infantry Tank Riders). A good game was had as the massive forces of Russians and Germans clashed. I even enjoyed my spirited duel with an 88 and my BT-7's; but after two brew-ups (not tea) I quickly ducked and covered I had come close to a golden BB on the 88; but reality intervened.
Squad Leader was a miniature game before it was a board game. I played both about twenty years ago. I was a big SL fan. This is a great game. If you follow the system's programmed scenarios, it is EASY to learn. Avalon Hill was growing the series gradually. They had a winner. We all waited eagerly for the Japanese, The Italians, The Desert, etc. until the marketing types decided to create ASL instead of another successful expansion. ASL "nerfed" your entire collection of counters, etc. If you wanted to continue to play or even add the Japanese or the Italians or the Mediterranean front, you needed to re-buy all the maps and counters. As a poor student, the last thing I was going to do was re-buy the game. It had already taken over a massive portion of my otherwise small gaming budget. My group kept playing the series until the group moved back to miniatures. We payed a few 6mm games of this on the maps but the game had been soured by the tricky move.
Over the years, I sold off my most of my boardgames. I kept SL, though as I always enjoyed it. It was filled with tactics and detail but was very playable. It was also easy to learn in the programmed manner. I had even found it easy to teach as long as the new guy was brought along gradually. All in all, it was great to play it again. The level of the game is my favorite for WW2. The level of detail is enough to have the flavor. It seems Mike's group has resurrected SL for the tabletop. I was also amazed how much of the rules I still remembered. I think I am going to follow suit...the only question is do I use the 15's or the 6's?

I took advantage of the Litko sale to pickup some markers to change the game clutter of counters to their flashy markers. I bought assorted Flaming Wreckage, Missiles, Ganesha game system markers and Power Fields. And...Litko says I get a coupon for my next sale. So when (not if with Litko) I decide to buy more, I will get a discount.

American Civil War:
Carlist Wars:
Doctor Who: I finished watching the 1st and 2nd Doctor's with Netflix. I just started the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and Silurians. One of these days I need to paint something here.
Fantasy/Dungeon Crawls:
French & Indian War:
French Revolution: The French revolutionary forces are under way. I am organizing in preparation to painting.. I am also working out the Prussians, Austrian, Russian, British and Spanish for the future.
Lace Wars:
Pony Wars:
South American Wars of Liberation: All but some limbered mountain guns are at the painter; these need to be ordered from Spain. I also need to finalize the Flag Dude's task. astly, I need to set up the table so I can make sure I have all that I need ready for March.
Seminole War:
Science Fiction/40K/Rogue Trader (not the RPG):
Spanish Civil War:
Trojan War:
War in Pacific (1879):
Wildland Firefighting:
World War One:
World War Two:

Painting and Painters:
Sean dropped off some of my Sisters of Battle. He did a great job painting them. I will have to set up a game with these. As per the Ganesha forum, I am going to try Fear and Faith with the 40K figures. As the rules are Gothic Horror, the argument stands that the game system to play Gothic SciFi is F&F. The new figures will have to see action against some of the demonic forces from my Doom Board Game. Perhaps some Sisters need to penetrate a corrupted space station?
BunkerMonkey says he has found my long lost Mexican civilians and they will be coming my way soon. I will keep you posted. Perhaps they will have to populate a hacienda for a traditional Wild West battle or even a Deadlands battle South of the Rio.
As for my's been in stasis. Too many people around to clog up the kitchen table. Perhaps with my wife and daughter slated to be away, I will leave it out and get some work done.

I started the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated. It had a good overview of Operation Overlord. But, that's about as far as I got...more later.
Miniature Wargames is late. Again.

Here are two that I found interesting over the last few days:
( was good for the great buildings. In particular I liked the hotel (; and,
( had an entertaining All Things Zombie Christmas game. It was worth a read.

Nothing here unless you want to learn about Furry Larpers. Fear the Boot had one on and they guy tried to make himself out as normal...sorry, but I fail to see it. I also am surprised they did not bust on the guy. But then agin, they are in it as a business.


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