Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Classic Wargamer's Journal

I finished reading Volume I, Issue 2 of the Classic Wargamer's Journal last night. Once again it was a good read. This is a quarterly magazine of low glitz but excellent topic matter done ninth style of the various wargaming newlsetters of the 60's, 70's and early 80's. It contains scenarios (Raid from the Sea, Sigismund Voralson's Viking Raid; Variant on The Battle of Hook's Farm; and, Tales of the Golden Head), variants and a variety of other suggestions, information and AAR's. Always a good read. The Editor also encourages the readers to play the scenarios and write in with your version of the Refight (Blasthof; Spurlash Down; Freeman's Farm; and Battle of Lapins).

One of my favortte articles was Viva Catalonia 1713, Part 1Ray Caddy penned a good article on the WSS in Catalonia which is a little known theater that continued past the end of the war. He does a nice job illuminating the conflict, designating suitable figures and various other resources. If this interests you, check lluis Vilalta's site (www. wargames.cat) for downloadable guides. Additionally, Eureka does 15mm Miquelets (the mountain troops of the Catalonians).

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