Saturday, September 12, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 8 to 12 September 2015

I. AAR's & Convention Reviews
15mm Wargaming For Fun and Sanity: Detective Sergeant's Last Day, Flying Lead in the VSF
Association Les Riflemen: Pictish Revolt in Caledonia 253AD
Daluappror: Convoy Ambush, Pikemen's Lament
Dust, Tears & Dice: England Invaded, All Quiet on the Martian Front
Irregular Wars: AAR of Galleys & Galleons
JJ's Wargames: Colours 2015
News from the Front: Eastern Front with One Hour Wargames
Palouse Wargames Journal: Battle of Southam 1642, Impetus
The Raft: Weapons Delivery, Sharpe Practice
Saxon Dog: Berne Baby Berne at Partizan II 2015
Scrivsland: Arthurian Battle, To The Strongest
Skull and Crown: Lepanto Played
War In a Box: Beneath Malvern Manor
Wargaming with Silver Whistle: British Paratroopers in Chain of Command
Russian Front Chain of Command

II. Battle Projects, Campaigns & Unit Histories
Chicago Skirmish Wargames: Grimy Jewel Campaign Session #4, Song of Blades & Heroes
Grimy Jewel Campaign Session #5, Song of Blades & Heroes
Deep Dark Dungeons: Terrain for Frostgrave
It's Them! Blast Em! Space Ship Retrospective
JJShedwars: Scales of Anubis, Episode III
Scrivsland: Bois des Caures Campaign Game #3
Tom's Toy Soldiers: Treasure of Troney II, Age of Sigmar
Wargaming in Sverige: Great Northern War Campaign Game, Black Powder

III. Miscellaneous, Observations & Travel
Chicago Skirmish Wargames: Harvesting Micromachines for Shipping Containers
JJ's Wargames: Napoleon's Maxims IV-
Maiwand Day: Brown University and the Hay Library Toy Soldier Collection
Monkey That Walks: Trip to Louisbourg
Wargames & Stuff: Retrospective on Warhammer Siege

IV. Painting & Building
1000 Foot General: Painting Star Fighters for Star Wars Armada
All Bones About It: #169, Trista the Witch
Stone Giant
Anatoli's Game Room: Painting for Chain of Command
Bleaseworld: Underground Terrain Tiles
Breakthough Assault: Basing Tutorial
Buck's Blog: Brigade Games' War of 1812 Indians
Dartfrog's Adventures: Southern Artillery
Dust, Tears & Dice: Markers for Martian Empires
Evil Bob: Bolt Action WWII
Fawcett Avenue Conscripts: Blood Drinkers
Herr Brush: Building a Rubicon Sherman, Parts I-II
I Have Wrought My Simple Plan: Renedra Terrain for Frostgrave
Jimbibblyblog: Blockhouse
Lord Ashram's House of War: Debris Fields and Space Rocks
Marengo 18001o Reggimento Veneto Real, 1797 updated with new flags.
Mars Miniatures: Early WWII Germans
Mine Pieces for Moria
Matt's Gaming Page: Foundry Old West, Mounted and Dismounted
My Ever Growing Armies: British Royal Horse Guards
Painting 1/72nd Napoleonic Cavalry Tutorial, Parts I-III
Painting Wargames Figures: Austrians Infantry Regiment #28, Wied-Runkel
Infantry Regiment #53, Simbschens
Infantry Regiment Roth-Wurzburg
Palouse Wargaming Journal: Italian Gendarmes
Pictures from the Front: Scratch Builds a Pirate Ship Parts I-III
Root around the Warchest: 15mm Fantasy Terrain
15mm SciFi Terrain
Stalker7: Dwarven Monk
Storm of Steel: Paints Plastic Soldier Company WWI British
Up the River: 15mm Khuransan SpecOps
Warbands for Frostgrave
Wargames & WIPs: ACW Confederate Officers
Wargaming with Silver WhistleBritish Paratroopers for Chain of Command

V. Reviews & Variants
Breakthough Assault: Reveiw of KR Multi-Case
Irregular Wars: Giveaways for Galleons & Galleys
Storm of Steel: Reviews 6mm La Haye Sainte

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