Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 20 to 29 September 2015

I. AAR's & Convention Reviews
2 Hour Blog: Urban Renewal and Fringe Space, Part I, 5150
A Frightful Bestiary: Lion Rampant in the Middle Earth
Association Les Riflemen: Archduke Charles and the Danube in 1809
Baron's Blog: Liberty Legion versus Emperor's Swords, Supersystem
Campaigns in Germania: SYW in India,  Batailles de l'Ancien Régime
DaluapprorCavalry charge at Ängelholm 1678, Pikeman's Lament
I Have Wrought My Simple Plan: First Game, Frostgrave
Ion Age: Patrol Angis AAR
Irregular Wars: Yoyo SkyWalker's AARs for Irregular Wars
Jay's Wargaming Madness: Peterson's Farm, ACW, This Hallowed Ground
Joy and Forgetfulness: Waterloo Garden Gaming
News from the Front: Through the Mud and the Blood and the Mist
Painting the Lead Pile: Initial Game of Frostgrave
Pijlies Wargaming Blog Battle of Nieuwport 1600, Pike & Shotte
Mbango Wabapi, Ducosim
Shadowkings: Conan and the Tower of Blood, Part II, Amazing Tales
The Living Museum AAR, Frostgrave
Skull and Crown: Lepanto, Galleons & Galleys
Sparker's Wargame Blog: Marengo, Black Powder
Stalker7: Blood Trails in the Rubble, Cleared for Engagement
Wasteland Patrol #3, Cleaning Day, Cleared for Engagement
Tides of War: Invasion of Troy, 1238 BC
Wargaming.info: Punic Wars, Impetvs
Wargaming in Sverige: Bombing Run with T.A.C.

II. Battle Projects, Campaigns & Unit Histories
15mm Wargaming For Fun and Sanity: United Nations Space Command
Armies Army: Uprising Campaign, No Stars In Sight
Gaming with Too Fat Lardies: Arnhem Campaign Turns #1-2, Chain of Command
General de Brigade: Wargames Holiday Center--Ligny, General de Brigade
JJ's Wargames: 1/54 Regiment de Ligne
3/8 Regiment de Ligne
Natholeon's Empire: The Necromancer War Campaign, First battle
Wargaming.info: Dux Bellorum Campaign

III. Miscellaneous, Observations & Travel
Brooklyn Wargaming: Fielding the 88mm Flak Platoon in Flames of War
Daluappror: Play Testing Gaslands
Keith's Wargaming/Painting: Star Trek Micro Machines

Legatus' Wargaming Armies: Painting, Traveling, Drinking and not dead...
Pen and Lead: Interview with Icarus Miniatures
Root Around the Warchest: Necromunda 20 Year On
Ubique: Playtesting Pikeman's Lament
Wargaming Miscellany: Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent
HMS Cavalier
HMS Gannett
HMS Ocelot

IV. Painting & Building
A Conflict of Interest: Rohan Warband
A Frightful Bestiary: Builds a Town
All Bones About It: #170, Deadeye Slim
#171, Ape-X
#172 Rosie, Chronotechnician
Alistrilee, Elf Archer
Buck's Blog: A Little Painting
Daluappror: Danish Officer for Scanian War 1675-79
Evil Bob: Chaos Sorcerer
Night Goblins
Fawcett Avenue Conscripts: Horus Heresy Death Guard Vehicles
Herr Brush: Finishing the Rubicon Sherman, Part IV
Ilkley Old School: Spencer Smith Saxon Infantry
I Have Wrought My Simple Plan: Treasure Markers for  Frostgrave
Joy and Forgetfulness: Airfix Polish Lancer
Keith's Wargaming/Painting: Random Figures from the Painting Table
League of Augsberg: Building Derry's Walls, Part V
Jim Purky's Swedes
Lord Ashram's House of War: 40mm British Grenadiers
Mars Miniatures: Zombies
Fist Full of Kung Fu
French & Indian Wars
Miniarons: Moroccans
Nationalist Painting Guide
Republican Painting Guide
Miniature Mayhem: Heroes of the Revolution for Chain of Command
Russians for Great Northern War
Italian Wars
Joker & Henchmen
WWII--Kiwi Heavy Weapons

Painting Wargames Figures: Austrian Erzherzog Leopold Cuirassiers
Austrian Anhalt-Zerbst Cuirassiers
Palouse Wargaming Journal: Cossack Artillery, Hussars & Infantry for the Great Game
Italian Wars: Mounted Crossbow
Napoleonic: French 4th Hussars
Sikhs for the Great Game
Sarcophagi: Ito Shrine for Bushido
Scrivsland: FT17
Shadowkings: At the Earth's Core built from Star Wars Pre-Paints, Heroclix,
Antediluvian, private sculpts, Hasslefree & Crooked Dice
Shedwars: Building the Docks, Part VI-VII
Storm of Steel: Stormtroopers
Tales from GHQ: ACW Command
French Revolution era...
French Musicians

V. Reviews & Variants
I Have Wrought My Simple Plan: Unboxes The King is Dead
Mann's Model Moments: Kurak Core Races

RSN Assault Helix


Dragon Rampant: sample Sea Elf warband

Here's the latest Dragon Rampant warband I've been playing with. Of interest here is the Single Model Unit Pony Dancer: a hero on a horsey, adept at lobbing javelins and prancing out of the way. He's a very fun chap to have on your side.


Elite Foot @ 6 points
Elite Foot @ 6 points
1 UNIT OF ARCHERS (12 models)
Sharpshooter Light Missiles @ 6 points
1 UNIT OF SPEARMEN (12 models)
Light Foot @ 3 points
1     PONY DANCER (1 model)

Light Rider + Short Ranged Missiles @ 3 points
_________________________________________________________________________________The Raft: ACW Riverine Warfare using Galley & Galleons
Vis Lardica: Miniarons Flak Panzer Ausf. A


  1. Brilliant! A few more blogs that were new to me! And thanks again for the mentions!