Saturday, September 19, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 13 to 19 September 2015

I. AAR's & Convention Reviews
All Bones About It: Three Wizards Return to Frostgrave
Brooklyn Wargaming: Advance to La Fiere 1944, I Ain't Been Shot Mum
Buck's Blog: First Game of Frostgrave
Daluappror: Attack on Redoubt at Angelholm 1678,  Pikeman's Lament #5
Dust, Tears & Dice: Boxer Rebellion, Martian Empires
I Mostly Paint at Night: Skaven versus Brettonians, Warhammer 3rd Edition
Jay's Wargaming Madness: Pacificon 2015
JJ's Wargames: Talavera, Day II, Carnage and Glory
Matt's Gaming Page: Man O' War
Skull and Crown: Wars of Imagination
Tales from GHQ: Battle of Bykleigh's Crossing, Blackpowder
View from the Duck Pond: Spanish Civil War, Chain of Command
Vis Lardica: A First Taste of Charlie Don't Surf

Wargaming Miscellany: 54mm Waterloo

II. Battle Projects, Campaigns & Unit Histories
Maiwand Day: Playtesting
Shedwars: Plays Scales of Anubis, The Stand of Time, Episode 4
Sparker's Wargame Blog: Jirardi Pass, Fate of a Nation
Wargaming in 28mm and sometimes smaller: USMC Platoon for Chain of Command

III. Miscellaneous, Observations & Travel

IV. Painting & Building
1000 Foot General: Making Terrain Boards
Baron's Blog: 54mm Wooden Imaginations
Baconfat Log: Imperial Guardsmen
Imperial Spearmen
Necromunda Cawdor Gang
WWI Germans
Breakthough Assault: Jordanian Centurians 
Buck's Blog: Dr. Koo and his Attendants
Daluappror: Swedish Cavalry
Dartfrog's Adventures: Wilder's Lightning Brigade, Parts 1-II
Deep Dark Dungeons: Ruins for Frostgrave
Evil Bob: Bolt Action British
Bolt Action Germans
Herkybird's Nest: Viking Skirmish, Sword & Dagger
Jimbibblyblog: Blockhouse
League of Augsberg: Russians for Great Northern War
Lonely Gamers: "Long Tom" and crew
Mann's Model Moments: Firestorm Armada, Halo Fleet Battles & Zombicide Painting
Mars Miniatures: Burgundian Mercenaries
Perry Napoleonics
Matt's Gaming Page: Celtic Infantry & Cavalry
Early World War I War British
Norse Fantasy
Miniature Mayhem: Forlorn Hope
One More Gaming Project: Shrunken City of Summergrove
Terrain Conversion for Frostgrave
Painting Wargames Figures: Austrian Grenadiers
French Grenadiers of the Guards
Tom's Toy Soldiers: Painting Crusader's Greeks, Parts I-II
Vis Lardica: Gitungi Get Reinforced for Q13
Vietnamese Villagers for Charlie Don't Surf

Wargames & WIPs: ACW Union Officers
War In a Box: One Hour Wargame Big Box
Welcome to the Age of Feuilleton: Painting FrostGrave/Sandtomb

V. Reviews & Variants
Breakthough Assault: Reveiw of Battlefront Bedspring Armor 
Don't Throw a 1: Book Review

I Have Wrought My Simple Plan: Reviews Battlefield in a Box for Frostgrave Terrain
Mann's Model Moments: Review: Zenian League Core Races
The Raft: Reviews Galleys & Galleons

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