Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week Eight, continued

As it always seems to happen I go on a mini buying spree right before the convention. Cold Wars is next week and again, I did it. In my history, though, if I purchase before the "con" my spending is much more in check. Well, I found out Magnifico had been acquired by Fantasy Flight Games and then reprinted ( Interestingly, the old version by Asmodee is identical. Also interestingly, you can find the Asmodee version on clearance. Well, I snapped one up. I have always admired the game. Essentially, it is Risk in 16th Century Europe. Ho hum, you say. Nope! The difference is that not only do you try to get Leonardo da Vinci on your side; but his inventions work. The 16th C with tanks, subs, airplanes, paratroopers, etc. sounds good to me. Now I just have to use it to run a 16th century GASLIGHT campaign...or would that be TORCHLIGHT or CANDLELIGHT?

The other purchase was Mansions of Madness ( How could I not? I had watched the trailer a while ago, so I ordered it from a FLGS. The game is made by Fantasy Flight Games in the Cthulu setting. Up to four Players are investigators with the other player being the "Big Bad." Kind of like Descent meets Call of Cthulu. Or a quick play Arkham Horror. Watch the trailer ( as it says it all. But beware....
S&S Models is awesome. An order got lost in the mail. They offered to re-send. I had them wait until all the snow melted in case it was out there in a drift. A few weeks ago, I did find one small box that UPS or FedEx had left in a drift--luckily, the contents were plastic wrapped. S&S decided to resend instead of wait. If you need modern 20mm or 28mm , take a look at their stuff ( I have some of their items that I bought from a friend. They are very nice models and very playable. Definitely recommended!

Warmodeling's limbered mountain gun sets finally arrived late Saturday. We must have had two deliveries as the mailman dropped the envelopes, etc on the back porch. Sunday morning, I went down to the end of the driveway to get the paper and looked in my mailbox on a whim. There was the Warmodeling packet along with another envelope from Pendraken. US Customs detained them quite some time as both orders were placed way back in the beginning of December. Also in the Warmodeling envelope were some of the new British Legion and French Foreign Legion for the First Carlist War. Looks like I have some units to add to that collection. The castings are great. The problem: I do not have enough time to complete the artillery for the convention as I will not have more than an hour or two of free time on Sunday before I leave.
Pendraken's long lost order contained NCO's, Dinamentaros and three new armored car/trucks. I like to add to my 10mm set as relevant things come out. The infantry NCO's will add some nice differentiation to the units. And, finally, the Anarchists with have their fabled Dynamite slingers. As for more and varied trucks and armored truck, what can I say?

Board-, Card and Role Playing Games Played:
Blue Frog Tavern adventure from Tunnels & Trolls: Following Sword for Hire, I wandered down the road avoiding the Red Robed Priests. Then, I came upon the Blue Frog Tavern.
Inside, I was minding my own business until I witnessed more of the Red Robed Priests interfering, so naturally, I brained them. That earned me a job with the proprietor as a body guard. We went into the dungeons beneath the tavern on a mission to steal back an idol from the priests. It was interesting and dangerous but successfully completed. Almost. On our way back through the canals, we were waylaid by Dwarves. I attempted to fight. Unfortunately, I was mobbed. Fortunately, I had impressed them enough that I was freed; but, I had to promise to fight at the Arena of Khazan in return for my freedom.
As the Arena of Khazan module is a mini, I will bring it with me on my work/trip to Florida. If I have time to play, perhaps I will earn my freedom. The only thing I am unclear about is whether the Dwarves took my stuff...hopefully, the next module will make that clear.

Miniature Games Played:
On Friday, Ron put on a game of what I call "Grab the Goodies." It seems a spaceship had crashed with the recipe to the Emperor's Cake. Naturally, my Sisters of Battle force landed in their Hello Kitty lander and took on the World...Yes, I do have a lander with tiger stripes and a Hello Kitty logo. How could I not? My only regrets is that I did not put My Little Pony and a Care Bear on the other two landers. And Unicorns on the tanks...As the game went on, I enjoyed shooting some Chaos Marines and maneuvering into place to eliminate everyone else. I was supposed to be working with two squads of Marines and some Eldar; but I had already recorded them as either tainted or Filthy Xenos. Unfortunately, I had to leave early so Unicorn One was forced to call for Hello Kitty Nine. We resolved to Glass the planet on our way out of system. I was going to shoot into a melee as my last turn, but Vic's face fell as he saw it coming. So, I merely called for a Dust Off and was time the heretics all die.
The game was fun. The scenario was good. The spaceship models and figures were great. I wish my sitter was available later as I would have liked to play to conclusion. Interestingly, Ron was running the game with FUBAR ( with the modifications for 40K( I thought they were good fast rules. The only thing I did not like was when your squad took a hit you got to choose who dies; that is a mechanism I never like as it completely pulls the randomness of war from the table top. Thankfully, Ben let me dispense with that much to my detriment as he promptly shot my flamer twice and eliminated it. Good fun, fast rules.

Hotz Mats has always been fast and prompt. For me, anyway. In early December, I ordered a mat that resembled the Pampas where the Battle for Vilcapugio took place. It's still missing. So, I went to Joanne's felt in the right color. Weird. So I found this other stuff in my game room that I use for desert sands. It is some weird stretchy sand colored fabric and began hitting it with sands, browns, and greens. I hope it looks good enough to use. Now I have one side that is desert sand and the other is Pampas. Hopefully at the show I will be able to find some tufts and scatter to put on top...I attached a bad iPhone picture.

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