Friday, March 18, 2011

Judge Dredd and CSI

Judge Dredd Fans, CSI fans and crime show fans should take a read of this BLOG The Wonderful World of Nozza ( This week's entry was a Judge Dredd/CSI adventure using the 5150 rules. It looks like a good play and an interesting use for Two Hour Wargames 5150, a great set of SciFi rules that allow you to play everything from Alien to Blade Runner to Farscape to Star Wars. The rules have the genre covered and the play well solo.
If you want to try the system there is a free download of Chain Reaction (
THW also has a number of free supplements of rules add-on or genres from the bizarre Cereal Wars where Kaptain Krunch takes on other cereal killers to Horror (rules for mortars, Santa Wars, Cereal Killers, Dog Soldiers, Gangsters, Gunfight at Ok Corral, the Scourge and of course as I mentioned it before 5150, Illegal Aliens). Check it out...

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