Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week Eight

Another busy week comes to a close. Lots and lots of home repairs--seven valves and elbows were replaced on the furnace each breaking in succession as one was repaired. My renovation of the bathroom continued as did the renovation of the basement. At least I am making progress. The basement particular is close enough of a close to start using the space. Needless to say by the end of the day, I am a bit spent and therefore have not painted, read or played except for one hour on Sunday to finish a Tunnels and Trolls adventure.
I did look at The Miniatures Page every day. One evening there was a poll about the funniest thread. One of the threads up for the honor was the "Most Embarrassing or Funny Wargaming Moment" I found many of the stories quite entertaining. I even laughed out loud at two. Here's the link:
On of my friends followed up my posting of the link showing ZombieSmith's Quar with a short note that Ganesha Games had done Songs of our Ancestors for playing the Quar wars. Ganesha makes a agood game. I can only imagine if the Quar ar "it" for you then this might be the rules. I found a review ( which does a nice job summarizing the rules and their mechanics.

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