Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stan announced he is sending along some more Infinity starter sets. These were gifts from my kids for my birthday, so how could I not have them painted? An no it's not a new period (SciFi skirmish is one of my oldest collections only trumped by ACW, Late Medieval/Renaissance, SCW SYW/F&I, Samurai and WW2, in that order). And no, you can't have them as they are not getting culled. Here's some snaps:

Ariadne is the faction at the top; Yu Jinn is the bottom. The former are lost colonists from a variety of places that dropped out of Warp/HyperSpace/whatever and colonized some worlds to be found later as Earth expanded out; this groups is of Scottish descent, hence the kilts and claymores. The Yu Jinn are this version of Animes' Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere but headed by the Chinese.  That makes three factions complete (Mercs, Scots and ChiComs)...short of adding a medic, maybe a heavy suit and some heavy weapon or bot, the factions are probably complete for me. The system gives a good game with three to eight figures. It bogs down with more.

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