Friday, May 25, 2012


A number of years ago, I started collecting World War Two for large platoon and company sized actions. The collection tapered off as I became daunted by the sheer numbers of troops and to a lesser extent vehicles needed as I seemed unable to find just one unit, year, or even theater on which to focus. I also was unwilling to just play World War Two.

Over the years, I painted various sets. One of the last was a a number of 82nd and 101st Airborne troops (the All Americans and Screaming Eagles respectively). I planned to play some Normandy skirmishes but stalled at the prospect of building proper bocage.

Recently, I reactivated World War Two. I determined the best way to collect the period was through mini- campaigns; thus, I have collected a number of Scenario books from Too Fat Lardies, Skirmish Campaigns and
the like in various theaters. Then, I organized what I had completed into discrete sets linked to various scenarios. Naturally, some of the troops and vehicles will be able to do double duty

The next step was to enlist some help in the painting. Now, progress continues. Buildings are collected and completed. Terrain is in good shape. Heck, I even located Horsa and Waco gliders, not to mention a multi-scale version of Pegasus Bridge...

Finally, I deemed the best way to play the period was use Memoir ’44 with my 6mm for battles and 15mm for the Platoon to Company level actions using I Ain't Been Shot Mum and Troops, Weapons and Tactics. I even have an odd 28mm for some true skirmish games.

Matt’s Painting of various units continues. I can expect the final installment soon.
 Peter Pig's Somua
 Peter Pig's H39
 Zvezda's Opel Blitz
 Peter Pig's Pak 40
 Plastic Soldier Company's Panzer IV
 QRF's Marder III
Peter Pig's Panzerknackers
But proper Bocage still eludes me...

Stay tuned here. I expect the period to take off as I am organizing a trip to Normandy for next spring...

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