Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Deadlands Monsters and Iron Dragon on the way...

Stan Johanesen continues to work away on my Deadlands stuff. The figures are mostly from the Iron Dragon contingent, a quasi-Chinese Japanese railroad Completed are the wizard, the demolitionist, five Samurai, five sappers, and five martial artists. I would like to find a pack of Seven (could it be THE Seven) Samurai as they are a named force as a hero contingent.and some rank and file that match the style. The bummer on this line is the manufacturer is truly UNDEPENDABLE. It took me almost a year to get the line 95% completed and a return of the money for the three items he never could seem to ship. Only buy the Deadlands stuff in the here-and-now...

Monsters: There were several monsters in the pack: an oriental Ogre (hardly the Japanese one of mythology and rather more of a Greco-Japanese hybrid), a Sasquatch, a Wendigo, a Grizzly and a Hunger Spirit (I think).

There also was a pack of Atomic Cafe zombies in the box...enjoy the pictures:

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